Samsung Exynos IoT, Exynos i T100


Exynos i T100
Short-range IoT solution packed with strong security and performance
The Samsung Exynos i T100 is an IoT connectivity solution for short-range communication through supporting major protocols including Bluetooth 5 Low Energy, Zigbee 3.0 and Thread. The Exynos i T100 built on 28nm process also delivers class-leading performance and strong security through integrated processor with memory and advanced security features respectively.


Be free from wires
The Exynos i T100 supports major short-range communication protocols including Bluetooth 5 Low Energy, Zigbee 3.0 and Thread. It enables IoT devices to automate and control environments within homes or businesses such as smart lighting, home security and monitoring, temperature control, fire and gas detectors, and fitness wearables. Notably, the Exynos i T100 features multi-radio concurrent mode that supports two different protocols simultaneously such as supporting Bluetooth and Zigbee or Bluetooth and Thread at same time.
Exynos i T100 with Bluetooth, Thread, Zigbee logos.


True security from hardware
The Exynos i T100 comes with a separate security subsystem hardware block for data encryption and a Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) that creates a unique identity for each chipset.  It provides much higher level of security compared to the conventional OTP-based solution to prevent hacking and other threats that is critical in wireless IoT devices.
Security subsystem and PUF against an image of finger print shaped binary codes.


Class-leading performance
The Exynos i T100 built on a power-efficient 28nm process technology features enhanced processing unit and high density memory for design flexibility. The Exynos i T100 offers class-leading performance through Arm® Cortex®-M4F that runs at up to 100MHz clock speed. The high density memory including 1.2Mbyte flash memory and SRAM that consists of 192KB and 24KB also deliver high flexibility in the product development. Furthermore, the Exynos i T100 also adds to reliability in that it can endure extreme temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 125°C.
4 symbols, including CPU, Flash Memory, SRAM, 28nm, Temperature -40 to 125 Celsius.

Reference Solution

Developer-friendly solution
Samsung provides a reference solution including development board with module board for faster development. The reference board supports Shields interface that can be plugged on top of the Arduino board for testing and controlling various sensors. Furthermore, the solution features operating system and embedded APIs for connectivity protocols for developing custom applications with great ease.
The image shows Exynos i T100's reference solution in 3 stacks, reference board, Operating System and Protocol APIs, including Bluetooth, Thread, Zigbee
  • CPU

    Cortex®-M4F 100MHz
  • Connectivity

    Bluetooth® 5.0, Zigbee 3.0,
    Thread 1.1.1
  • On-chip Memory

    SRAM 192KB+24KB
  • Interface

  • Front-end Module

    Integrated T/R switch, Power
    Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier
  • Security

    AES 128/256 Encryption/Decryption,
  • Process


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