Samsung Exynos Modem & RF, Exynos RF Series


Exynos RF Series
Multiband Multimode RF IC of Fully Optimized Design
for Exynos Modem Solutions
Exynos RF Series are the single-chip multiband multimode RF transceiver IC series with analog IQ interface to baseband modem for 2G/3G/LTE handsets. Exynos RF Series are perfectly designed to support Exynos ModAP with the best-optimized interface.


The Proven, Optimal RF Solution for Exynos ModAP Series
Exynos RF Series are the absolutely ideal RF solution to fully support our Exynos ModAP series, by offering RF transceiver performance for multiband multimode LTE network. With its diverse Rx channels, users can enjoy the experiences anywhere on a more stable LTE connection with the improved quality and reliability of a wireless link.
Exynos processor with multiband multimode icons