True colors with greater details
Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 is an ultra-high 64Mp resolution 1/1.72" image sensor designed to take brighter photographs with Tetracell technology and sharp vivid colors with real-time HDR.


Pixel performance boosts
For taking highly detailed photographs on smartphones, ISOCELL Bright GW1 packs in 64 million 0.8um-sized pixels that are individually barricaded with advanced Samsung’s ISOCELL Plus pixel isolation technology. With the new wall-material placed between the color-filter of each pixel minimizing optical loss and light reflection, even the sub-micro sized 0.8um pixels in ISOCELL GW1 is able to hold as much light as possible.
ISOCELL Bright GW1, 64MP resolution image sensor.

Tetracell Technology

Big-pixel mode for brighter pictures
To access as much light as possible even in low light environment, ISOCELL GW1 uses special color filter array, the Tetracell. Tetracell is a technology that conjoins neighboring four pixels to work as one allowing the GW1 to perform as a large 1.6um pixel sensor. This allows the sensor to acquire more light information to better recreate the scene and turning it into bright 16Mp images with less noise. In bright light, the GW1 makes full use of all 64 million pixels to take highly detailed sharp photographs using hardware Remosaic algorithm that converts color pattern to Bayer RGB setting.
An illustrative image of ISOCELL Plus optimized pixel architecture with metal grids are formed over the photodiodes to reduce interference between the pixels, which can also lead to some optical loss as metals tend to reflect and/or absorb the incoming light.

Super-PD Auto Focus

Quick focus to take the shot that matters
ISOCELL GW1 adopts Super-PD auto focus solution that focuses on to stationary or fast moving objects quickly to capture the moment before it fleets away. Super-PD uses a special oval lens that covers two pixels, rather than a single lens covering one, used for phase detection. As the subjects are focused right away, pictures can be taken faster and sharper.
* Stock image is used. Images are simulated for illustration purposes only.
An illustrative image of a smartphone frame against a captured moment of a boy diving into the swimming pool with flamingo tube.

Real-time HDR

What you see is what you get
Take a great picture of a scene with mixed-lighting, bright and dark, with GW1’s real-time HDR. With the pixels assigned to specific exposure time of long, middle, or short, GW1 is able to instantly capture a beautiful high dynamic range photographs rather than take and combine multi-exposure pictures.
GW1’s dynamic range is at around 100dB, which is just shy of human eye’s 120dB, allowing implementation of images with appropriate brightness and rich color without being biased on either side.
An illustrative image of dense bars in various colors with long, middle, short exposure.


Optimal dynamic range with less noise
ISOCELL GW1 makes fuller use of the light received with the Smart-ISO, a light(photon) to electric signal converting mechanism. With the Smart-ISO technology, ISOCELL GW1 uses a low ISO when in really bright daylight improving full well capacity (FWC) of the sensor to deliver pictures with bold and bright color and a high ISO to amplify light more when in low-lighted environment.
  • An illustrative image of Smart-ISO technology with two native ISOs, including low and a high ISO.
  • Effective Resolution

    9280x6944 (64Mp)
  • Pixel Size

  • Optical Format

  • Pixel Type

    ISOCELL Plus
  • Color filter

    TetraCell RGB Bayer Pattern
  • Normal Frame Rate

    Up to 21fps @full
  • Video Frame Rate

    Up to 480fps @HD
  • Shutter Type

    Electronic Rolling Shutter
    and Global Reset
  • ADC Accuracy

  • Supply voltage

    2.8V for Analog, 1.8V for I/O,
    and 1.05V for digital core supply
  • Operating Temperature

    -20℃ to +70℃
  • Interface

    MIPI 4 Lane RAW
  • Chroma

  • Auto Focus

    Super-PD (PDAF)
  • WDR

    3D/Tetra HDR
  • Output Formats

    RAW8 (using DPCM/PCM compression),
  • Analog gain


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