Next-generation image sensor that changes mobile photography
With ISOCELL Plus pixels, the ISOCELL Bright HM1 delivers top-tier 108Mp resolution.
Nonacell allows for the virtual transformation of pixels, enabling superior performance, while Smart-ISO optimizes dynamic range.

108 Million Pixels

Redefining detail and definition
The ISOCELL Bright HM1 is enabling the finest detail mobile photography has to offer. Incorporating 108Mp (108 million pixels) into each individual picture, the solution produces intricately detailed images that are so well-defined that photos remain sharp and crisp even when zoomed in on or cropped. Employing small, 0.8um-sized pixels, the ISOCELL Bright HM1 features a larger 1/1.33-inch size, which improves the light absorption properties of the sensor, making it better equipped for low-light photography than smaller sensors and rendering it an optimal choice for those looking to take professional-grade photographs.
ISOCELL Bright HM1, 108MP resolution image sensor.


Small pixels for detail;
big pixels for brightness
Pixel transformation technology has reached the next stage of its evolution. Following the success of Tetracell, Samsung has taken the technology further with state-of-the-art Nonacell, which combines groups of nine pixels into effective 2.4um pixels, more than doubling the light absorption capabilities of Tetracell. While advanced pixel-binning usually causes increases in color interference, Nonacell was able to be realized through the adoption of ISOCELL Plus technology, which dramatically reduces crosstalk, optical loss and light reflection. The HM1’s Nonacell and 108Mp technology enable direct pixel conversion, which means that shots taken with up to 3X zoom retain high, 12Mp image quality.
An illustrative image of Tetracell technology. It improves light sensitivity in low-light conditions by merging four neighboring pixels to work as one big pixel.


Intelligent ISO caters to variable environments
Let intelligent systems select the optimal ISO for your shot. Native ISOs determine how sensitive image sensors are to light, with high ISOs being better suited to low-lit settings and low ISOs working better in bright environments. While a fixed native ISO helps with gain adjustments and improving low-light picture quality, base-setting native ISOs have their limitations. Thus, the ISOCELL Bright HM1 employs ‘Smart-ISO’ technology, which combines one low ISO and one high ISO, and allows the sensor to deliver high-quality images by intelligently selecting the appropriate native ISO for the specific lighting conditions.


Maximizing performance
with pixel isolation
Experience outstanding quality with tiny, powerful pixels. While ISOCELL Plus continues to isolate individual pixels in order to allow more light to be gathered by the micro-lens, the new technology replaces the minute metal barriers between pixels with an innovative new material that further reduces optical loss and light reflection. Optimal for small pixel solutions, and delivering improvements in color fidelity and light sensitivity, ISOCELL Plus offers a highly advanced solution for the next generation of high-resolution photography.
An illustrative image of ISOCELL Plus optimized pixel architecture with metal grids are formed over the photodiodes to reduce interference between the pixels, which can also lead to some optical loss as metals tend to reflect and/or absorb the incoming light.

Super PD

Capture the moment your way
Rapid auto-focus enables you to capture sharp, clear pictures in the moment. Swift and optimal for fast-moving objects and low-light environments, Super-PD autofocus allows mobile image sensors to detect how far away objects are and focus in on them precisely, ensuring that the special moments do not pass you by.
An illustrative image of a smartphone frame against digital waves.
  • Effective Resolution

    12,000x9,000 (108M)
  • Pixel Size

  • Optical Format

  • Pixel Type

    ISOCELL Plus
  • Color filter

    Nonacell RGB Bayer Pattern
  • Normal Frame Rate

    Up to 10fps @full
  • Video Frame Rate

    Up to 240fps @1080p
  • Shutter Type

    Electronic Rolling Shutter
    and Global Reset
  • ADC Accuracy

  • Supply voltage

    2.8V for Analog, 1.8V for I/O,
    and 1.05V for digital core supply
  • Operating Temperature

    -20℃ to +70℃
  • Interface

    4 lanes (3Gbps per lane) D-PHY /
    3 lanes (3Gsps per lane) C-PHY
  • Chroma

  • Auto Focus

  • WDR

  • Output Formats

    RAW8 (using DPCM/PCM compression) and RAW10
  • Analog gain

    x48 (except in Full Mode 108MP)

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