An image of ISOCELL GN2 packed with 1.4um-sized pixel.


Capture impeccable colors and details

Introducing a large, 50MP image sensor that’s engineered to capture every ounce of light.
With enhanced Dual Pixel Pro autofocus technology, the ISOCELL GN2 delivers crisp photos in a snap.

1.4μm 50MP

Bigger and better

An illustrative image of the smartphone's camera enlarged, showing the GN2 image sensor inserted inside the smartphone.

Packed with 50 million large, 1.4μm-sized pixels, the ISOCELL GN2 captures more light to give you brighter, clearer photos. With ISOCELL Plus technology for lifelike color and remosaic technology for maximizing details, ISOCELL GN2 can push the resolution output to up to 100MP.


Focus on the action instantly

Capture fast-moving objects with ease. Building on its predecessor’s bidirectional (left-right) Dual Pixel technology, the ISOCELL GN2’s Dual Pixel Pro autofocus compares both the top and bottom and left and right phases to find the optimal focus for any object.

An illustrative image of GN2 pixel. An illustrative image of GN2's dual pixel pro.


Light up the night

Snap vivid photos, day or night. In low-light environments, the sensor’s Tetrapixel technology maximizes light reception by combining four pixels into one large, 2.8μm pixel. Smart-ISO optimizes ISO settings, while an image-processing algorithm minimizes noise to produce bright, detailed pictures.

An illustrative image of a smartphone showing a picture of a woman sitting with her legs bent on the floor.


Vibrant colors, vivid details

High dynamic range (HDR) images capture rich details and colors in both highlights and shadows. The ISOCELL GN2’s Smart-ISO Pro and staggered-HDR technologies help maximize its dynamic range, allowing it to produce vibrant photos even in mixed lighting conditions.

A photo image of a woman in a dress sitting on a chair on the water, and the sunset behind it.
An image of '8K' written in bold white typo. An image of a video being shot on a smartphone. An image of a video being shot on a smartphone.


Shoot epic 8K videos

Capture everyday moments in incredible detail with the ISOCELL GN2’s 8K video support. When shooting in Full HD, the image sensor records at a whopping 480fps, producing truly cinematic and immersive slow-motion videos.

  • Effective resolution

    8,160x6,144 (50M)
  • Pixel size

  • Optical format

  • Pixel type

    ISOCELL Plus
  • Color filter

    Dual Tetrapixel RGB Bayer Pattern
  • Normal frame rate

    10fps @ 100MP mode
  • Video frame rate

    480fps @ HD, 30fps @ 12.5MP
  • Shutter type

    Electronic rolling shutter
    and global reset
  • ADC accuracy

  • Supply voltage

    2.2V for analog, 1.8V for I/O,
    and 1.05 V for digital core supply
  • Operating temperature

    -20℃ to +85℃
  • Interface

    4 lanes (6.5Gbps per lane) D-PHY /
    3 lanes (3.5Gbps per lane) C-PHY
  • Chroma

  • Auto focus

    Dual Pixel Pro (PDAF)
  • WDR

    Smart-ISO Pro (iDCG),
    Staggered HDR
  • Output formats

    RAW8 (using DPCM/PCM compression)
    and RAW10 output formats
  • Analog gain