The ISOCELL GW2 is a 64MP high-resolution image sensor that instantly produces sharp
and crisp images thanks to ISOCELL Plus and Super-PD technologies.

Greater details with 64MP sensor

Using 0.8um-sized pixels, the ISOCELL GW2 features ultra-high 64MP resolution to take highly detailed photographs.
64MP Resolution

Enhanced pixel performance

The ISOCELL GW2 features ISOCELL Plus technology that significantly increases light sensitivity and color fidelity for more accurate and clearer photos.

Fast and accurate focus even in low light

The ISOCELL GW2 enables instant auto-focus to capture fast moving object even in low light thanks to advanced Super-PD solutions for PDAF.

Greater dynamic range

With WDR support, the ISOCELL GW2 captures detailed images even in environment where dark and bright lights co-exist.
Smart WDR
  • Effective resolution

    9,280X6,944 (64.4M)
  • Pixel size

  • Optical format

  • Pixel type

    ISOCELL Plus
  • Color filter

    RGB Bayer Pattern
  • Normal frame rate

    Up to 21fps @full
  • Video frame rate

    Up to 60fps @16M
  • Shutter type

    Electronic Rolling Shutter
    and Global Reset
  • ADC accuracy

  • Supply voltage

    2.8 V for analog, 1.8 V for I/O,
    and 1.05 V for digital core supply
  • Operating temperature

    -20℃ to +70℃
  • Interface

    MIPI 4 Lane RAW
  • Chroma

  • Auto focus

    Super-PD (PDAF)
  • WDR

    Smart WDR
  • Output formats

    RAW8 (using DPCM/PCM compression), RAW10
  • Analog gain


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