Samsung Announces the World's First 222 MHz 32Mbit SGRAM for 3D Graphics and Networking Applications

on Jul 12, 1999

- The 222 MHz 32Mbit SGRAM provides up to 55% improvement in memory performance.
- At 3.5 GBytes/sec bandwidth, the 222 MHz SGRAM decisively widens the performance differential between graphics and system memory.

Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. today announced that it has again taken a leadership position in offering high-performance graphics solutions to its customers with the new 222 MHz 32Mbit (1Mx32) Synchronous Graphics RAM (SGRAM), the KM4132G112. Samsung was the first to introduce the 32Mbit SGRAM in December, 1998, and now the 222 MHz version surpasses all memory solutions by breaking the performance barrier for mainstream 3D graphics and networking applications.

Samsung's 222 MHz SGRAM provides up to 55% improvement in memory performance compared to today's "best of class" systems, and provides an evolutionary alternative to current and future technologies, such as Rambusa DRAM and DDR DRAM for graphics applications. The device is faster than the fastest 1MX16 SDRAM, and faster than the fastest 2MX32 SDRAM on the market today. On a 64-bit bus controller, the device provides 8Bytes x 222 MHz, delivering 1.8Gbytes-per-second, and on a 128-bit bus controller, it provides 16Bytes x 222 MHz, delivering an outstanding 3.5Gbytes-per-second that dramatically enhances graphics performance. This further reinforces the performance differential between graphics and system memory.

"Samsung continues its commitment to provide the world's most advanced graphics memory technology. With bandwidth being a critical issue in graphics memory, Samsung developed the 222 MHz SGRAM to help our customers achieve their performance objectives and provide them with a competitive edge," said Avo Kanadjian, senior vice president of memory marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

"3D graphics has an insatiable appetite for consuming memory bandwidth and Samsung is leading the way with high-performance devices pushing the envelope beyond 200 MHz," said Mueez Ud-Deen, director of graphics memory marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc.

Samsung's competitively-priced 32Mbit SGRAMs have been successfully designed in to numerous graphics add-in cards in 1999. The device will be produced in high-volume quantities to ensure adequate supplies for planned demand from customers.

Pricing and Availability
Samples of the KM4132G112 are available now, and production quantities will be available by September 1999. In quantities of 1000, the price of the device is $8.00.

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