Samsung Electronics Announces JEDEC-Compliant 256Mb GDDR2 for 3D Graphics

on Aug 28, 2003

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., the world's leader in advanced semiconductor memory technology, today announces production of its 256-megabit (Mb) Graphics Double Data Rate2 (GDDR2) SDRAM. The 256Mb capacity will enable ultra high-density graphics memory cards of 512Mbytes, supporting the expanding market of 3D graphics software.

The new device, which has already been supplied to leading graphics card manufacturers, adopts a JEDEC standard 144-ball Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) package. This enables graphic card manufacturers to easily build memory density from 128Mb GDDR2 SDRAM without redesigning the graphic card. Samsung's 256Mb GDDR2 SDRAM also supports GDDR3, which awaits JEDEC standard approval next month.

Samsung's GDDR2 devices incorporate new technical features such as On-Die-Termination (ODT), Off-Chip driver-Calibration (OCD) and posted CAS to boost performance by 50 percent over graphics DDR SDRAM. The 1.6-gigabit per second pin data rate delivers an aggregate bandwidth of 6.4-gigabytes per second.

Samsung has introduced GDDR2 SDRAM ahead of competition by developing the industry's first 1Gbps 128Mb GDDR2 SDRAM in July 2002. Samsung's full-scale production of next generation graphics DDR SDRAM in the second half of 2003 will further accelerate its advanced graphics memory business. Samsung's goal is to maintain 50% market share in graphics DRAM which is forecast to reach 1.7billion US$ by 2005.


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