Powerful gatekeeper for IoT security

By combining powerful security hardware with dedicated software, Samsung IoT SE (Secure Element) offers a turnkey service for the IoT industry.

turnkey solution

- Integrated hardware and software

Samsung IoT SE is the advanced and proven solution in the IoT industry. With a turnkey service that includes hardware, software and customized support, Samsung IoT eases time to market for customers across the range of IoT applications, including Smart Home, Smart City, mobile, hubs and IoT modules.

Samsung Semiconductor IoT SE Security Solutions, Turnkey Solution that Includes Hardware, Software and Customized Support

Top-notch security with flexible design

- Hardware-level protection
eFlash-based SE for design flexibility

At the hardware level, Samsung IoT SE stops and resets when it detects abnormal activity, thus protecting sensitive data stored within the security IC (integrated circuit). Samsung IoT SE adopts eFlash to achieve faster data processing and more flexible software modifications.

Samsung Semiconductor IoT SE Security Solutions, Hardware Based Security, eFlash-based SE

Easily applied security for IoT hub and things

- Software-fortified for task protection
S-secure prevents vulnerabilities

Samsung IoT SE offers dedicated software to support various tasks, such as personal verification, security key storage, key management and crypto-operation.

Samsung Semiconductor IoT SE Security Solutions, Supports Personal Verification, Security Key Storage, Key Management and Crypto-operation

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