Realizing dramatic speed and power

Desktop and laptop capabilities are becoming more powerful than ever before. From complex data processing to immersive home entertainment, Samsung’s high-density DRAM and SSD are the keys to unlocking next-level computing performance.

An illustrative image of a PC with DRAM and SSD.

Dynamic capabilities in compact designs

Samsung’s DDR4 DRAM Module delivers reliable, exceptional performance through state-of-the-art components and precision engineering. Its compact form factor also enables design flexibility for desktops, providing a solid foundation for sleek devices. Client SSD, meanwhile, equips desktops with faster, more reliable data processing capabilities.

Stunningly light, incredibly fast

Designed to enhance portability without compromising performance, Samsung offers industry-leading laptop components to boost on-the-go productivity. Powered by Samsung’s leading processing technology, Client SSD takes laptop functionality to the next level. Thanks to its low voltage design, Samsung’s DDR4 SODIMM enables laptops to deliver consistent performance around-the-clock.

An illustrative image of a slim laptop in side view.

Images are simulated for illustration purposes only. The depicted device is fictitious creation. No simulation of any real product is intended.

Main products

An illustrative image of Samsung DDR4 on top of growing logic board.

DRAM Module

Powerful, reliable, and efficient

Capable of handling heavy workloads, Samsung’s DDR4 provides remarkable data transfer speeds with a 3,200 Mbps bandwidth. The module’s 1.2 V low operating voltage and Pseudo Open Drain (POD) interface improves efficiency and reduces power consumption by 25 percent.

An illustrative image of Client SSD consists of Samsung Controller, Samsung DRAM, Samsung V-NAND.

Client SSD

The ultimate SSD

Equipped with TurboWrite technology and PCIe® interface, Samsung’s NVMe SSD achieves faster sequential read/write speeds while consuming less power. For mainstream PCs and laptops, Samsung’s SATA SSD provides a wide range of storage solutions that can cater to different computing needs.


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