Television and gaming re-imagined

The next generation of entertainment is here. With new capabilities, users demand more from their television and gaming experiences than ever before. Samsung is answering the call with a range of powerful solutions that are expanding the possibilities of television and gaming entertainment. Samsung is leading the 8K revolution with powerful Digital TV SoCs and LPDDR4X memory. Capable of delivering seamless graphics at four times the resolution of 4K, your content comes with more depth and detail. As gamers look for ever more immersive gaming experiences, Samsung is ready with advanced GDDR6 and NVMe™ SSDs that deliver fast, efficient performance for the next generation of blockbuster titles.

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See the world in 8K UHD

In an era defined by visual communication, quality matters. Samsung has been an industry leader in television technology, delivering true-to-life video quality. Now Samsung is taking the next leap with 8K UHD resolution. Samsung's display driver ICs with faster USI-T (Unified Standard Interface for TV) 2.0 enable 8K resolution that fits in a sleek design. A powerful Digital TV SoC, meanwhile, allows for rich media content in unparalleled detail. Armed with intelligent upscaling and LPDDR4X, Samsung's cutting-edge technology delivers engaging multimedia content in 8K resolution for best-in-class home entertainment.

Game-changing solutions

Whether they are running from hordes of zombies or conquering the battlefield, gamers expect their PCs and consoles to deliver stunning visuals and an immersive experience. Those visuals come at a price, with blockbuster titles often taking up over 40 GB of space and requiring game consoles and PCs to provide high-performance storage to manage all that data. Samsung's GDDR6 is designed for gamers to get blazing-fast performance, with a maximum bandwidth of 768 GB/s. For storage, there is no better solution for gamers than Samsung's NVMe™ SSD. Featuring faster sequential read and write speeds, a power-saving mode, and up to 2 TB of capacity, they are suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers.

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Main products

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Industry-leading graphics performance

As gamers are constantly seeking out the latest and greatest visual experiences, Samsung is there to meet the demand with GDDR6. Offering blazing-fast speeds of up to 768 GB/s, the fastest data rates in the industry, Samsung is enabling the next-generation of high-performance graphics and computing in gaming. Samsung’s 16 Gb GDDR6 also consumes up to 60% less power compared to the previous generation 8 Gb solution, allowing for more efficient performance.

An illustrative image of Samsung NVMe™ SSD consist of Samsung Controller, Samsung DRAM, Samsung V-NAND.


Gaming at top speed

As blockbuster game titles continue to come in even larger packages, gamers need faster, more efficient memory to keep up. Powered by the latest V-NAND technology, Samsung’s NVMe™ SSD is ready with sequential read speeds up to 3,500 MB/s and a power-saving mode for greater efficiency. Offering up to 2 TB of space, gamers will be able to save their favorite titles without having to worry about deleting data to make room.

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Powering the
8K revolution

Samsung’s best-in-class televisions helped define the era of 4K. Now they are leading the march into the next generation of home entertainment with 8K resolution, delivering a deeper, more lifelike viewing experience. Samsung’s 8K televisions are equipped with LPDDR4X, enabling blur-free fast action, in-depth cinematic motion, and an intelligent Voice Assistant. Power-efficient design enables even better performance while consuming approximately 17% less energy than LPDDR4.

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Panel DDI / TCON

Driving stunning displays

Experience the vivid colors of 8K with Samsung’s industry-leading display drivers, lightning-fast data speeds, and superior efficiency. Samsung’s display driver IC and Unified Standard Interface (USI-T) 2.0 enables cutting-edge resolution of up to 8K UHD in a sleek design. It also offers industry-leading intra-panel data transfer speeds of up to 4 Gbps. Additionally, Samsung’s Low-Temperature Chip On Film (LTCOF) ensures protection from overheating for more flexibility in display design.


Digital TV SoC

Entertainment powered by intelligence

Samsung’s digital TV SoC (System-on-Chip) enables rich multimedia experiences in 8K with intelligent machine learning and powerful processing capabilities. Samsung’s cutting-edge machine learning technology analyzes each scene to optimize color, textures and edges. It also aids in upscaling content, so consumers get the best viewing experience every time. Additionally, the digital TV SoC delivers intelligent adaptive audio that analyzes each scene to deliver the best audio experience.

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