Perfect solution to unlock your
server’s performance and efficiency

Samsung Server solutions ensure superlative performance and high reliability using less energy.

Server - Front view of five servers with related products; DRAM - Module, HMB2, GDDR, SSD - Enterprise SSD

Fast processing
for massive data

Improved bandwidth and performance to handle peak traffic

Samsung memory solutions enable superb management of dynamic data traffic to more efficiently handle
data-intensive workloads. The complete lineup of SSD interfaces and form factors for various server applications,
as well as HBM Aquabolt, HBM Flarebolt and DRAM modules with enhanced bandwidth, amplify maximum performance.

A man and a woman are working in the server room

Energy efficiency,
various densities

Unprecedented energy-saving solutions with a wide range of densities

Samsung provides integrated server solutions differentiated by highly energy-efficient components, guaranteeing outstanding performance. A wide range of densities provide ample storage to meet the range of market demands.

Samsung Solutions, Samsung Semiconductor Applications in Server, Unprecedented Energy-Saving Solutions with a Wide Range of Densities

Time-tested data security

Reliable solution for robust data protection

Samsung provides market-proven expertise and a wealth of experience in reliable server platforms and stable data
integrity with Write CRC and PPR features. Intensive data security measures, such as DRAM ECC and SSD data encryption, enable end-to-end data protection.

Arrays of servers are shining in blue

Total solution provider

In-time, reliable troubleshooting

Samsung ensures end-to-end integration of server solutions with complete quality control and compatibility aligned with various ecosystems. In-house development and design competency generates fast troubleshooting and reliable customer support for each component.

A 16GB DDR4 memory module is laid on the left side facing front. An enterprise SSD's inside is exposed without cover next the module.