Reach new heights with hyper-scalable datacenters

Samsung's NF1 SSD form factor, also known as NGSFF (Next Generation Small Form Factor) SSD,
is optimized to meet the most demanding data-intensive analytics and virtualization applications, from 5G to AI.
NF1's high capacity and small form factor enable datacenters to massively scale with ease.

Expanded capacity in a smaller design

Efficiently scale datacenters with the space-optimized NF1 SSD, offering up to 576TB system capacity
in 1U server (16TB X 36) – 6X more capacity per RU* than conventional 2U server with 8TB 2.5 inch SSDs (8TB X 24).
* RU = Rack Unit

Comparison between form factor of NF1 SSD and 2.5 inch SSD. NF1 SSD can save space 3 times more when used in a 2U server.

Superior performance with less power consumption

The NF1 SSD delivers 4x faster performance* – up to 540K/50K IOPS and up to 3,100/2,000MB/s sequential read/write speeds – at 54% lower power consumption*, introducing a new caliber of performance per unit.
*Compared to PM1643 SSD

Close up of Samsung's NF1 SSD with the infographic describing 4x faster and 54% lower power when compared to PM1643 SSD.

Improved compatibility and serviceability

NF1 SSD can easily be adopted to existing server configurations without major changes. Advanced enterprise-grade features,
such as front-loading, hot swap, LED indicators, and power loss protection (PLP), make NF1 SSD an easy yet reliable replacement for existing 2.5 inch and M.2 drives.
*Compared to 2.5 inch SSD

Samsung's NF1 SSD mounted on the server and there are 4 symbols, including LED Indication, Front Loading, PLP, Hot Swap.

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