Stay ahead of the game in today's data-centric climate with Samsung Z-SSD

Samsung Z-SSD™ offers a new level of storage for today’s in-memory databases, artificial intelligence (AI) workloads, high-performance computing (HPC) workloads, and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics. The Z-SSD simultaneously combines extremely low latency, state-of-the-art performance, and ultimate reliability into a single, ready-to-install storage device ideal for enterprise storage applications.

Ultra-low latency to improve response time

Enabling faster access and response, Z-SSD provides 5 times lower latency at 20 microseconds, compared to today's leading NVMe SSDs*.
The latest storage server with Z-SSD to see its latency reduced significantly, delivering a tangible performance acceleration.
*Compared to PM963 NVMe SSD

Top view of Samsung Z-SSD™ with Z-NAND memory against an image of server room. The infographic indicate that the Samsung Z-SSD™ provides 5 times lower latency when compared to PM963 NVMe SSD.

Designed to handle
I/O-intensive workloads

The single-port, 4-lane Z-SSD features Z-NAND chips with a cell read speed 10x faster than ordinary NAND1) chips. With the maximized data bandwidth available through PCIe interface, 1.5GB LPDDR4 DRAM and a high performance controller, the Z-SSD performs 1.7 times faster2) in random read at 750K IOPS.
1) TLC NAND     2) Compared to PM963 NVMe SSD

Close up of Samsung Z-SSD™'s i/o interface with the infographic describing 10x Cell Read and 1.7x Random Read when compared to PM963 NVMe SSD.

Be prepared for mission-critical

Z-SSD guarantees up to 30 drive writes per day (DWPD) for 5 years, or a total of 42PB* at 800GB capacity. That translates into a total of 8.4 million 5GB full-HD movies during a 5-year period. This level of reliability provides an assurance for mission-critical situations where the highest accuracy in workload is demanded.
*1 PB (PetaByte) = 1,024 TB (TeraByte)

Samsung Z-SSD™ with the infographic describing Z-SSD guarantees up to 30 DWPD for 5 years, or transferring 8.4 million full-HD movies during a 5-year period.

Ideal for advanced applications

Z-SSD is a new tier of storage with the highest throughput and the lowest latency on the market today. This gives enterprise architects a compelling reason to consider Z-SSD when optimizing workloads involving applications in areas such as cloud DBMS, memcache, in-memory and real time analytics.

Samsung Z-SSD™ with the image showing its various applications. The image contains a complex graph, brain, server room, and 3D graphic.

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