Close-up of multiple people holding hands.

our community
a better place
from the
inside out

together toward
a better future

Our contributions
for a better

Samsung is deeply involved in
the community, with events like
our annual Love Run with 40,000 employees in attendance and regular blood donation days. We focus on making meaningful contributions, so we can create a better tomorrow.

One person’s
blood can save
three lives.

Samsung employee seen with sleeve rolled up and an IV in their arm, giving blood.

We not only do these projects, but also help in other meaningful ways. We hold blood donation campaigns at our Giheung, Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek and Cheonan sites every month. Our Giheung and Hwaseong sites even held an additional blood donation day despite the cold weather due to COVID-19 causing low blood supply.

In November 2020 alone, our Giheung and Hwaseong sites saw 2,020 participants each and our Cheonan and Onyang sites 1,000 each.

“Today is our 44th blood
donation day.
I’m glad to be
of help in times like these.”

- Samsung Memory Solution PE Team, Kangwon Lee

The blood we donate is delivered by the Korean Red Cross to
Korean medical institutions that need support.

Samsung goes
Korea’s borders
and contributes
to the world.

Multiple hands placed one on top of the other, creating a hand-stack.

We’ve looked at our contributions both at home and abroad. And just like our semiconductors make our lives better and protect the planet even when you can’t see it, each of us at Samsung is doing what we can to create a better future.

At Samsung,
we’re helping
the globe
in our quest for