Frequently Asked Questions

About mySamsung

mySamsung is a customer care program in the form of a mobile and web app that helps you easily set up, manage and optimise your Samsung products. It offers a wealth of tips & tricks* and carefully selected content* for you. It also provides easy access to Samsung customer service when you need help and be the first to be updated about promotions or special privileges.

Also, this one-stop app is your passport to amazing rewards and offers that will delight and surprise you as a valued Samsung user. Enhance your life experiences with a Galaxy of Treats and Cashback offers, and also be among the first to receive special Samsung promotions and privilege updates.

*Available for selected Samsung products. Please see list of supported devices on Google Playstore here.

mySamsung provides you with many ways to get more, do more on your Samsung devices, as well as bring you personalised privileges:

Manage and register Samsung device(s) under one account

  • Track purchase dates of all your Samsung device(s)*
  • Retain your Samsung device(s)* proofs of purchase easily
  • View information of all your registered Samsung device(s)* in one place

*Available for selected Samsung products. Please see list of supported devices on Google Playstore here.

Get the most out of your devices

  • Receive tips and tricks that will help you optimise your Samsung device(s)*

*Available for selected Samsung products. Please see list of supported devices on Google Playstore here.

Your gateway to exciting Rewards

  • Receive personalised Samsung promotions and offers
  • Be invited to Samsung workshops and events

Enjoy quick, easy access to Samsung Customer Service support

  • Quick links to phone and email* support
  • Convenience of quick access to Live Chat*
  • Locate with ease Customer Service Centre locations in your country
  • Check Service Repair Status* from within the tap

*Available for selected Samsung products. Please see list of supported devices on Google Playstore here.

mySamsung is currently available in 11 countries including Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

​mySamsung is available for all Samsung smartphones and select Tablets with Android OS 4.3 and above. However, certain features like warranty registration, customer service Live Chat and Email, and content like Tips & Tricks, Setting up device information are not available on all devices.

While you cannot download mySamsung on your non-mobile Samsung product, we do have content for select Samsung Smart TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. Please check the list of supported Samsung products here on Google Playstore.

No worries! You can also log in to the mySamsung web app which you can access from, or from the Samsung website of your respective country. Like the mobile app, you will need a valid Samsung account to log in to the mySamsung web app.

Absolutely! We are continuously improving, and we will bring content for other Samsung products as well. So, stay tuned!

​Absolutely not! It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Samsung.
However, while mySamsung app is free to download and use, there may be associated costs when purchasing or subscribing through partners recommended by us.

​Just​ go to Google Play Store to install the app. After installing mySamsung app, you can enter as a Guest user, or sign in using a Samsung account to enjoy all the perks of mySamsung.

Installing mySamsung

mySamsung app is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices that operate Android OS version 4.3 (Jelly bean) and above. You may not be able to download mySamsung if your device doesn’t meet this criterion.

If you have checked that mySamsung runs on your device and is available in your country, but you still face issues downloading it, check your Android OS version. mySamsung app is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy devices that operate Android OS version 4.3 (Jelly bean) and above. Your device must not be customised, jaibroken, rooted or installed with a foreign operating system. You may not be able to download mySamsung if your device doesn’t meet this criterion.

If you are still unable to download the app, please email us at with a brief description of the issue you’re facing and your device model number. We aim to respond to you as soon as possible.

If you have set up your Google account or have been travelling to a country not supported by mySamsung, your device’s Google Play store settings may automatically detect your phone as still being present in your previous location. You can check and edit your billing address in Google Play store to any of the 9 countries which mySamsung app. This may help Google to assign the correct default country in your Google Play store app.

This means that a recent Android update might have caused a disruption to your device’s mySamsung services. All you have to do is to uninstall mySamsung app first. Then, switch off your phone, remove your SD card from your device and then reinstall mySamsung app without your SD card in the phone. You will require Wi-Fi access to do that.

Using mySamsung app

We encourage all users to sign in using a Samsung account to enjoy the full features of mySamsung.

mySamsung also works offline, but with limited content. If you want to enjoy all the features of mySamsung then you would need to connect to the Internet either via Wi-Fi connection or switching on your mobile data. These actions may incur charges, depending on your agreement with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or mobile carrier. Please check with your ISP or mobile carrier for information on possible data usage or Wi-Fi charges.

This is an Android Marshmallow permission which enables access to the default phone app in your device, and helps you to make phone calls to Samsung Customer Service directly from the Help Centre in mySamsung app.

This permission is to allow mySamsung app to check if you already have a Samsung account set up in your device. Knowing this information helps mySamsung to make the sign-in process seamless.

This is for us to know where you currently are, so that we can tell you where your nearest Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience store is.

Usually, that happens when your device is experiencing either no or poor network connectivity. Please check your Internet connection first.

If you are still experiencing issues, you can email us at Please include your device model number and country you are currently using your Samsung device in as well.

Please update to the latest mySamsung version, and then sign into Samsung Account and fill up the main details (Name, Country, DoB) under Profile. It should resolve the issue.

It seems like you have already registered your warranty using other channels before. In that case you don't have to register your warranty again via mySamsung, as it is already in our systems.

That may be due to transition issues during our app upgrading or debugging process. Please email mySamsung at with a brief description of the issue you are facing and your device model number. We aim to respond to you as soon as possible.

mySamsung Treats

Currently mySamsung Treats are available in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

You will need to sign in to your Samsung account first. This is to reserve that Treat just for you, since there is usually only a limited quantity available.

Then, take these steps to redeem your Treat:
  1. Select your preferred Treat, but DO NOT tap the ‘Redeem now’ button yet.
  2. Head down to the location where the Treat is being offered.
  3. Open mySamsung app and show the Treat page to the shop staff, to ensure that the offer is still valid.
  4. Then, click on the ‘Redeem now’ button. A one-hour redemption countdown clock will start.
  5. Once the redemption has been verified by the shop staff, proceed to redeem and enjoy your exciting mySamsung Treat!

For online redemptions, simply tap the ‘Redeem now’ button on the spot, and you will be brought to your chosen merchant’s e-store, through a separate browser page.

Once there, add items to the shopping cart as you would normally do while online shopping. At the checkout phase, key in the redemption code provided by mySamsung to redeem your Treat.

Cancellations are not possible once you have activated the redemption for a Treat on your device. The good news is, we are in the midst of building a better experience for stay tuned!

Once the counter for a Treat has expired, you will not be able to redeem that particular offer

No problem, just ensure that you get reconnected as soon as possible. While the redemption countdown timer will still go on as usual, you will still need to have the merchant staff verify your redemption.

Please email us at with the details of the Treat you are trying to redeem, the name of the merchant and the location of your attempted redemption. We aim to respond to you within three working days.

To retrieve your previously used Treats offers, go to ‘Profile’ and tap on ‘Redeemed Treats’.

Yes, you can! Just tap on the ‘+’ icon found on each Treat page of individual merchants. Then, to view your favourites, go to ‘Treats’ and look for ‘Saved’.

You will find it on each particular merchant’s Treat offer page, or simply click on the ‘Terms and conditions’ button.

Simply allow us to access your location when prompted. Then, go to your device’s Setting app and look for the ‘Location’ feature. Switch ‘Location’ on, and we will be able to present you with exciting treats close to you. To view nearby Treats, go to ‘Treats’ and look for ‘Nearby’.

About Samsung account

Your Samsung account is a free integrated membership service that enables you to use Samsung services on smartphone, tablets, websites, TVs and other devices. Enjoy various Samsung services through your Samsung account, without having to sign up for each service separately. On mySamsung you will also get to redeem the exclusive Treats and Cashback offers, which we have specially selected for you as a loyal Samsung user.

If you want to learn more about having Samsung account, please visit here.

In your phone’s Settings, look for ‘Accounts’, select ‘Add account’ and tap ‘Samsung account’. Set up your Samsung account by entering your email address and choosing a password. For more information, please visit here.

In your phone’s Settings app, look for ‘Accounts’, and select ‘Samsung account’. Then, tap the ‘Forgotten your ID or password?’ link to retrieve your details. Alternatively, you can also try to log in through the Samsung account website. Click on ‘Sign In’ at the top right corner, and then select the ‘Forgotten your ID or password?’ link.

You will need to check that your Samsung account is active and that you are currently signed into it on your device.

To check if you have an active Samsung account on your device:
  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Look for ‘Accounts’ and tap it.
  3. Under ‘Accounts’, tap ‘Samsung account’
  4. Check that you are signed in on your account

If you are currently signed in on an active Samsung account, but are still facing issues trying to access the app, you will need to reset your Samsung account.

To reset your Samsung account:
  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Look for ‘Application Manager’ and tap it.
  3. Under ‘Application Manager’, slide to ‘All’ and look for ‘Samsung account’
  4. Tap on ‘Samsung account’ and tap on ‘Disable’
  5. Then, tap on ‘Enable’
  6. Once your Samsung account is reset, try signing in again