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A day in the life with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

Let us look at how an insurance agent would use the Galaxy ZFold4 5G during a day in their life.

Oct 19. 2022

A day in the life with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

For many, adopting a hybrid work arrangement means equipping your workforce with the right tool to complement their daily work processes. With employees always on the move, it is crucial to have a mobile device which effortlessly blends with the new digital ecosystem, ensuring that they can work anywhere and everywhere. The newly announced Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is the perfect foldable device to pair with today’s hybrid workforce.

With the main display almost twice the size of a regular mobile phone, redesigned hinge, and a host of productivity applications and other features, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G promises to support your workforce throughout their day with boosts to multitasking and efficiency.

To help understand how exactly the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is a game changer for today’s mobile workforce, let us look at how an insurance agent would use the newest foldable device during a day in their life.

7 am: Connect with the Galaxy ecosystem

Pairing seamlessly with the wider Galaxy ecosystem, including Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Galaxy Watch5, Alex has everything he needs to start his day with the perfect morning run. With 24bit Hi-Fi and BioActive sensor from Samsung, he can enjoy his exercise playlist with a quality listening experience during his morning run while tracking his heart rate and calories burnt. 

9 am: Get the job done, folded or unfolded

As Alex heads out for work on the train, he uses the one-handed mode of his Galaxy Z Fold4 5G to catch up on the latest news. This is also the perfect time for him to check the status of his client’s insurance claims request. When needed, he simply switches to the two-hand mode for better productivity. With one side displaying the updates of the insurance claims status, he can simultaneously provide an update via messages all on the other side of the screen. Once Alex is done with the editing, he folds his device and slides it back into his pocket. Constructed with lighter materials and sports a slimmer design, compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G, he does not have to worry about his phone being bulky and is ready to begin his work day. 

10 am: Never miss a detail

A client meeting is the first thing on Alex’s agenda today. Arriving at his local cafe for the meeting, Alex unfolds his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G to reveal its crisp 7.6-inch main display. With its vibrant 120Hz AMOLED screen, he can easily go through the presentation, addressing any queries the client, Daniel, may have. In addition, he can also present a detailed comparison chart of policies to help Daniel determine his optimal insurance coverage. It is also great for multi-viewing and showcasing supporting information to help him seal the deal. 

11 am: Versatility and functionality with the S Pen

With the added compatibility of the S Pen stylus1, Alex writes down his notes and edits documents with the useful handwriting-to-text feature. After the presentation concludes, Daniel is pleased with it and is ready to sign the contract. Alex passes the stylus1 to him, and Daniel signs with ease, knowing that his information is safe as my Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is secured with Samsung Knox.

1 pm: Protection from everyday hazards

While Alex is packing up to leave, he accidentally spilt his coffee all over his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G. Thankfully for him, his phone has a water resistance rating of IPX82. In addition, the phone’s screen and body are made of Gorilla Glass Victus+ and Armour Aluminium, enhancing its durability even further. With this, Alex confidently wipes his phone clean and heads off to his office

2 pm: From foldable to PC

Arriving at his workplace, Alex needs to fine-tune the signed contract. To improve efficiency, he wants to work on a larger display with his business application. With the Samsung DeX software platform, he doesn't need a laptop or a PC. Alex simply connects his phone to the smart monitor and now, he has an intuitive PC-like experience powered by his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G.

3 pm: Unfold new possibilities

Alex receives an alert for a video conference about to begin. Sitting at his desk, he unfolds his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G and launches Google Meet3 to start the conference call. With Google Meet3 optimised for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G, Alex can perform real-time content sharing while on the call.

Alex can also go hands-free with Flex Mode4. With the top half of the display showing the call, the bottom half becomes a control panel allowing him to take notes with the S Pen1 or open additional apps to improve productivity. Flex Mode4 makes video conferencing and collaborating with his team a breeze. 

4 pm: Compatible with your favourite apps⁵

It is time for Alex’s training session on the latest market trends and product updates. He takes down his notes via Microsoft Word and updates his sales deck on Microsoft Powerpoint6 to reflect the latest market and policy changes after the training session. To help customers better compare the different policies, he creates simple charts using Microsoft Excel all through his phone.

5 pm: Multitasking made easy

Alex wants to maximise his workflow to get everything done before leaving the office. The Multi-Active Window feature7 for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G allows him to open up to 3 apps concurrently, helping him update spreadsheets, message his team, and check his calendar simultaneously. As Alex always ends his day with these 3 work apps, he saves them to the Edge panel, empowering his multitasking ability efficiently and intelligently.

7 pm: Capture every moment, even in low-light

After a productive work day, it’s time for Alex to meet up with his team to say farewell to their colleague, Max. After some food and drinks, Alex’s team gathers for one last picture. With its powerful Nightography features, such as Advanced OIS, his Galaxy Z Fold4 5G seamlessly captures the perfect picture in the low-light environment.


With its unparalleled ability to multitask, Alex knows the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G is the foldable phone for him. It is lightweight yet durable, coupled with a suite of features to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. No matter where his job is, the Galaxy Z Fold4 5G will be there to ensure his work is never interrupted. The perfect phone for work and his personal use!


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  • ¹S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro sold separately. Only use Samsung S Pen Fold Edition or S Pen Pro with Galaxy Z Fold4. All other S Pens or stylus pens (including those by other manufacturers) may damage the screen. S Pen support is limited to the Main Screen.
  • ²IPX8 is based on test conditions for submersion in up to 1.5 metres of freshwater for up to 30 minutes. Not advised for beach or pool use. Not dust-resistant. Refer to your phone’s user manual for care instructions and limitations.
  • ³Google Meet is a trademark of Google LLC. Availability and supported apps for Live sharing may vary by country and device. Users may need to update YouTube and Google Meet to its latest version. Some of Live sharing supported apps may require specific subscription conditions
  • ⁴Flex mode is supported at angles between 75° and 115°.
  • ⁵Some services or apps require a subscription or a one-time purchase to be used.
  • ⁶Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel are trademark of Microsoft Corporation
  • ⁷Certain applications may not support Multi Active Window or App Pair.



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