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Wearable technology for business

Keeping the country safe with wearable technology

With the use of computer-aided dispatch (CAD), public safety officers can now protect the public and respond to dangerous and unpredictable situations more effectively. A smartwatch helps officers to stay connected and informed with features like discreet notifications, duress alerts and real-time geolocation.


Keep your workers productive and safe

With a ruggedised smartwatch that is customisable and LTE-enabled, fleet workers can be more productive with hands-free access to real-time updates and assignments.


Monitoring work environments with wearable technology

It is important for businesses to establish a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers as they tend to carry out activities in isolation from other workers and the nature of their jobs tend to be more risky. With wearables, all these concerns can be tackled easily as employers can now monitor the location and health status of lone workers and be notified of any call for distress.


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How wearables are transforming industries

Wearable technology for safety and defence

With the fast development of technology, wearable devices have the ability to generate masses of data — the key is putting it to good usage. For those who defend the country, wearables deliver a whole range of uses like prompt alerts, tracking officers’ locations and so much more.


Wearable technology
for transport and

With a wearables solution, linking people and data is a breeze. Wearable devices play a key role by enhancing communication between drivers and the head office, managing fatigue at work, and overall improving productivity, efficiency and safety.


Wearable technology for maritime and field force

Wearables make workers safer, and are capable of locating anyone on a vessel or offshore installation in real time. Employees’ health and sleep patterns can also be monitored and issues flagged, reinforcing how wearables can empower the maritime industry of tomorrow.

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Lone Worker Safety Solutions

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Customise Wearables in the Workplace

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