Better Place for All

As we live in an ever-dynamic, changing world that is full of promise and possibilities,
it is our strong belief that technology should act to make a difference to humanity and create a better world for us all.

Several kids are standing in a group all staring at the front.

Technology should serve for the advancement of humanity, so it is important that its benefits must be available to all. Enabling everyone to achieve their full potential and thus creating a better tomorrow.

Several kids standing around a table discussing a helmet.

Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

Our Solve for Tomorrow programme was first created to inspire future innovators to build their skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Answering the programme's challenge each year, students innovate a prototype of their idea to tackle their generation's most critical issues like school safety, the opioid crisis and climate change, and become passionate advocates of positive social changes with civic engagement.

Two hands holding a used Galaxy mobile device, displaying an air quality measuring device.

Galaxy Upcycling

We care about creating a responsible future, which is why our Galaxy Upcycling programme imagined innovative ways of giving new life to old smartphones, reconstructing them into useful IoT devices. One such example is the 'Weather Station' project, in which old Galaxy devices were fitted with an air quality measuring sensor, becoming personal hyper-local atmospheric notification devices.

A firefighter scanning the room. She is with IGNIS vision, a handy thermal observation device, at the scene of the fire.

IGNIS Vision and Voice

IGNIS Vision and Voice would be an example of how we are always looking for ways to create positive impact to our communities. Of the many enemies firefighters encounter, darkness and miscommunication are some of the deadliest threats in the smoky labyrinth of live fire. In this regard, IGNIS Vision and Voice – a lightweight, durable thermal imaging camera and a bone-conduction communication device that recognises voice in extreme conditions, not only helps the firefighters save the lives of others, but also their own.

An older lady staring at the sea wearing GEMS, an exoskeleton device, on her lower half.

GEMS (Gait Enhancing & Motivating System)

We are also changing people's lives with GEMS, a wearable robot for rehabilitation treatments that can help people with difficulties in walking, due to weakened muscles, diseases or injuries. It lets them improve their mobility by assisting them to move.

By having people and society at the center of our innovations, we will continue to make efforts, together with you, towards a better tomorrow.

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