Thanks for being
more than family.

Three consecutive shots of different people at home. The first shows a mom and teenage daughter hugging while taking a selfie. The second shows a young dad dancing with his child. The third shows a teenage brother and sister having fun cooking together.

Family have always been super important - and recent times have brought many of us closer than ever, literally. It’s pretty awesome when you think about all the different roles we’ve each taken on to support our loved ones. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties around the world going out of their way (and sometimes their comfort zone) to help each other out. Dads have become personal trainers, moms have become new best mates and siblings are now in-house chefs!

Staying connected, staying positive and showing appreciation for family has never been so essential. It makes us feel valued, it makes us feel human.

“My mom is a real-life superhero.”

A teenage daughter taking a selfie with her mom using a Galaxy S20. The girl smiles as mom kisses her cheek.
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Thanks for being you.

This mom is way more than just family.

Over the last few months she’s become her kid’s piano teacher, yoga coach and karaoke companion. Oh yeah - and she’s been juggling her actual job too!

She’s like a non-stop superhero (just without the cape). Whatever role she’s doing, she relies on her super fast, super versatile Galaxy Tab S6 Lite.

A mom and teenage daughter are having a great time together watching videos on their Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. They look more like best friends than family.

So when she’s her kid’s art teacher, she can whip out the S Pen from her Galaxy Tab and unlock their talents. Or when she’s got work to do, she can use the Galaxy Tab to send detailed designs to colleagues around the world.

Her family think she’s incredible - using her powers to turn a really hard time into a good time, together.

“My mom is a superhero, but she’s also my best friend.”

Remember to show your mom some appreciation.

“My Dad can do anything
in the world.”

A young dad is having fun burning off energy with his two daughters. He’s lifting the eldest daughter on his shoulder as his younger kid jumps on the couch beside them in the lounge.
Tip for staying active at home.
Like this Dad, you can give voice commands to your Smart TV using the Bixby function. So you never have to pause while you’re in the middle of working out, cooking or anything else really.
Thanks for everything you do.

Do you know what? A Dad isn’t just a dad anymore.
Check out this guy; he’s become his kids’ personal trainer.

When he’s not busy being their tutor, dance partner or stand-up comedian, that is...

Like many Dads, he’s done everything he can to make this tricky time together so much better. And whilst he hasn’t been able to hit the gym, he’s found that looking after the kids can be a great work out.

Family jumping jacks. Burpees. Bicep curling his sons.

He’s been able to keep them all going using Bixby voice control via the remote to play motivational workout videos on their smart Samsung QLED TV. Using it to change channel and pump up the volume.

Remember to thank your dad for everything he does, next time you get a chance.

“Turns out me and my bro
are incredible in the kitchen.
Who knew?“

A teenage brother and sister cooking in the kitchen. They’re enjoying themselves as she sprinkles more flour onto the bread dough he’s holding.
Family Hub Multi-Door Fridge Freezer
Top cooking tip
Use Family Hub to get inspired in the kitchen like this guy, minimise food waste by searching for recipes using food that’s already in your fridge and amaze your family.
Thanks for being awesome.

With mom and dad working from home, this big bro has become the family chef and his younger sis helps tidy the kitchen. He uses the Samsung Family HubTM Smart Fridge to get inspired and try new recipes.

The brother and sister smile as they roll out their bread dough on the kitchen counter. He’s  using a wooden roller as she gradually adds more flour.

So while he’s still hard at work, sieving, slicing, and seasoning...
She’s able to put her feet up.

Their mom and dad can’t believe what their kids have achieved.
They love trying a range dishes from around the world – without even leaving home.

So just remember to thank your family for making life more interesting.
Now sit down together - dinner is ready.

Family have and will always be priceless - we understand how important they are.

That’s why we’re always right here to support families however we can.
We’re with you all the way to help you stay connected, stay entertained and look out for your loved ones.

We’ll keep on supporting families and making it easier to stick together through this difficult time and beyond.

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Thanks for being more than family

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