A smartphone and smart watch are shown with the hashtag Age of Experience and a robot face below.

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The Sero stands in a white room, with the screen in horizontal mode, displaying a building on the screen.
The Sero

Mobile entertainment, better on TV

2 models of Galaxy Note10, Note10 plus with a blue S pen
Galaxy Note10 | Note10+
The man is standing in front of the refrigerator and the child is sitting at the table eating and laughing.
Family Hub™

It’s more than a fridge, it’s the Family Hub™

The GEMS robotic device is shown upright against a white backdrop.
Gait Enhancing & Motivating System

The GEMS consists of wearable robotics solutions to help disabled individuals walk and even help healthy individuals exercise better.

The date, time and venue of Samsung CES 2020 Keynote

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