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Enabling Dreamers
with Purpose

Every generation has its dreams. Now's the time for all of us to dream big.

Illustration of Gen Z characters standing in a line wearing colorful clothing and accessories.

We’re best known for our innovation, but our inventions are about more than just technology. When we innovate, we create opportunities that help people change their lives.

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Illustrated animation looking back at Samsung's #DoWhatYouCant history; the future belongs to those who explore and challenge earlier than others.

Putting you at the heart of our innovation

Fifty years ago, we started with the basics. From day one, we asked ourselves: What do our customers want? What tools will help them? What is changing in their lives, and why? Our purpose was to benefit the individual, and eventually mankind. The result has been innovation that is meaningful, because it’s based on what humans actually need – whether they want to change the world or just live their lives for the better.

Illustration of two Gen Z characters sharing colorful data via their mobile devices in hand, while other characters walk by.

Acting as enablers for the dreamers

Every new generation has its own set of needs and dreams. It’s what keeps our ideas fresh and exciting, because what’s important to you, is important to us. We’re constantly exploring the innovations that will allow us all to create a better tomorrow.

The next generation is made up of what we call ‘Dreamers with a purpose’. People who want to make the world a better place and are prepared to do what it takes to get there. We’re ready to act as the enablers for this tenacious generation.

“We’ll help every generation dream big and defy any barriers that stand in their way.”

Illustration of a visually impaired Gen Z character wearing a pair of sunglasses sitting in an autonomous car, while other characters walk by.
Illustrated animation announcing how Samsung helps the next generation get ready for what's next, no matter what the future looks like. #DoWhatYouCant. Not a school. coming soon to Samsung KX.

Ready to shape a better world

We don’t want to be just another ‘good company’. We want to actively shape a better world. With our technology we’ll help every generation dream big and defy any barriers that stand in their way.

We have the technology, the connectivity, and the innovative spirit to provide a platform for people to, not only unlock the potential of future technology, but also the potential within themselves, so anyone can change the world for the better, however big or small the change may be.

So tell us, what are your dreams and what stands in your way?

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