Wireless Charger Stand

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Power up without pausing

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Qi compatible

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Works both ways

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Power up quickly without pausing

Now charging up won't tie you down*. Place your Galaxy smartphone on the Wireless Charger Stand with Wall Charger to get your phone back to 100% quickly**.

Wireless Charger Stand Power up quickly without pausing

* Wireless Charger Stand with Wall Charger requires power connection.
** Fast wireless charging requires use with compatible Adaptive Fast Charger.

Qi compatible

Share the power with your friends. The Wireless Charger Stand with Wall Charger is Qi compatible*, meaning it can be used with any Qi Certified products, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Apple iPhone 8, and Apple iPhone X.

Qi compatible

*Tested in accordance with the Qi Wireless Power Transfer System Power Class 0 Specification Part 3: Compliance Testing Version 1.2.3 February 2017.

Works both ways

Whether you're using your phone in portrait or landscape mode, you don't have to readjust to place it on the charger. Simply place it down on the charger however you want and continue watching your favourite videos or talking with your loved ones using Skype.

Works both ways

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