RSH5 SBS with Twin Cooling, 551 L

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Auto Ice Maker

Ice Maker

Twin Cooling™

Twin Cooling™

Twin Cooling System™ gives you the best of both worlds

Twin Cooling System™ gives you the best of both worlds
Our Twin Cooling SystemTM uses two separate air flows and precise temperature control to maintain optimal humidity levels on both the refrigerator and freezer sides. This helps to keep your apples fresh, prevents your ice cream from getting freezer burn, and stops ice cubes from smelling like the garlic bread you’ve stored in the refrigerator.

Durability Guaranteed

Durability Guaranteed
Samsung guarantees the durability of its Digital Inverter Compressor with a 10-year warranty*. Digital Inverter Technology automatically adjusts the compressor speed in response to cooling demand. It uses less energy, minimizes noise and reduces wear and tear for longer-lasting performance.

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Everything in its place.

A brighter way to save energy

The stylish Tower LED lighting bathes the interior with light that beautifully presents all your groceries. Items are easier to find, so you’ll spend less time with the door open looking for an elusive snack hidden in the far corners of your fridge or freezer. The space-saving design of the lighting opens up more room for food. It also emits no heat and uses less energy than conventional bulbs, both of which help to lower your energy bill.

*Based on internal testing compared with Samsung conventional model.
Energy-saving, stylish LED lighting for freezer and fridge

Optimise fridge storage space with Big Box

Samsung’s Side-by-Side refrigerators let you store more fruits and vegetables than your typical fridge thanks to the uniquely large capacity of its Big Box. When you pull the Big Box out to load, you can access all the ample internal storage space that it has to offer; which also makes stocking and organising it easy and effortless. So free up shelf space by filling up the Big Box.

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How It Stacks Up

How It Stacks Up

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