This image explains freshness of Samsung Twin Cooling Plus that adapts to your changing lifestyle. A woman is holding a bowl in the front, and smiling in her face. In the back side, kitchen appliances are setting in the kitchen.
This image explains conversion mode of Samsung Top mounted refrigerator. In it, a couple standing in front of the image, and holding a tray that has party beverages on it.
This image explains FlexZone™ of Samsung French Door refrigerator. In it, a man is roasting a beef, and smiling in his face. In the back side, kitchen applianaces are setting in the kitchen.
This image explains FlexZone™ of Samsung side-by-side refrigerator. In it, a family is laughing in the kitchen, the refrigerator and the other kitchen appliances are setting behind them.

Twin Cooling Plus™

Samsung Twin Cooling Plus™ refrigerators are designed to adapt to your lifestyle needs, conserve energy and provide fresh food that lasts.

Adapts to your changing lifestyle

Enjoy the optimal temperature and humidity with Samsung Twin Cooling Plus™.
Now your refrigerator is fresher and more flexible than ever.

This film is to deliver Samsung refrigerator's freshness and flexibility benefits in the dynamic and lively way the millennial mindset consumers would respond to.
Film starts off with a man breaking eggs and cooking in a kitchen while dancing, a couple juggling a tomato in another kitchen, then 4 girls dancing while cooking together in yet another kitchen. The screen then changes to a Youtube screen where in the main window a dad is steaming a crab while his ten-ish daughter watching. A girl sliding in front of a refrigerator. Two hands opening a side-by-side refrigerator then a girl opening a fridge door, steam coming out of a pot fogging a man's glasses, an upclose shot of a knife cutting a leek on a cutting board and an older man putting herb on a dish delicately. Close-up shot of various vegetables with the camera sliding up until it finds the Twin Cooling plus badge on the backside of the fridge. A finger pressing a button on a control panel on the refrigerator door, a shot of a fridge compartment with stored foods switching to different types. A girl tossing a pancake high in the air to catch it back on a pan, and various scnenes of family and friends eating, cooking and laughing together, then 3 different types of refrigerators appearing in turn to end the video. Samsung logo at the end.

Explore Twin Cooling Plus™ refrigerators

 Top-mount freezer RT50K6257S8/SS

Top-mount freezer

Side-by-side RS68N8322S9/SS


Multi Door RS68N8671B1/SS

Multi Door

Flexibility you need,
freshness you deserve

2X Longer

Independent cooling system in the fridge and freezer keeps food fresh and prevents odours from mixing. Enjoy the 2X longer freshness*.

*Freshness level based on test results conducted by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH compared to RSAA1UHMG1/XEF.
Two girls stepping with bags full of fresh foods. Next, Close-up shot of various vegetables sliding up until it finds Twin Cooling badge on the backside of the fridge and freezer in consecutive order. A top mount refrigerator door closing at the end.
This is to explain Twin Cooling plus technology, an indepent cooling system inside the fridge and freezer to keep food fresher longer.

Choose how to cool

Easily convert your top-mount freezer to fridge with the convenience of having 5 different conversion modes* to choose from. Whether you party, travel, save, or just like to keep things minimal, be flexible however you want it.

*For selected models
A girl is dancing alone, then opening the fridge door. The girl keeps on dancing beside the refrigerator during the inside of refrigerator changing in 5 modes. Next, A finger pressing a button on door panel, and the girl getting out of the scene.
This film is to explain the Conversion mode of the Samsung Twin Cooling plus refrigerators, where users can switch on and off the freezer and fridge upon their needs for more flexible use of their top mount refrigerators.


Keep your meats, beverages, or fruits at their optimal temperatures with Samsung FlexZone™, or turn it into an extra freezer for your multi door refrigerator when needed.

4 friends preparing for food together. Next, close-up of a fridge drawer showing 4 different modes of FlexZone. All 4 different types of foods(steak, ice cream, beverage, snack) in one scene to showcase different usages. Flexzone closing at the end.
This film is to explain the Flexzone feature of Samsung French door refrigerator, a compartment where users can customize temperatures to fit to their needs.

Optimally store
different food items

Use Samsung FlexZone™ inside your multi door refrigerator for optimal storage. The 4 pre-set temperature settings help keep different foods in their best conditions.

A dad and daughter watching cooking content on Youtube. Then, open up a fridge showing 4 different modes. All 4 different foods(dairy, herb, beverage, crab) to show different usages. Family gather around a table and flexzone closing at the end.
This film is to explain the Flexzone feature of Samsung side-by-side refrigerator, a compartment where users can customize temperatures to fit to their needs.

More inside,
same outside

With Space Max™, large capacity doesn't necessarily mean bulky refrigerator that interferes with your kitchen interior. Enjoy more fresh space inside while maintaining a sleek exterior outside.

Starts with a mom grocery shopping on a pace picking up lots of bread. Then, open the fridge doors and empty shelf/door bin being filled up with various foods. Mom putting the sandwich plate and kids running around it, everyone laughing at the end.
This is to deliver one of the main features, Space Max, the technology that makes the inside capacity bigger while the outside dimension is the same.