Now there’s so much more that you can capture.

Extreme closeup of camera lens

Dual Aperture

See the world in different lights

Just like how your eye adapts to the amount of light around you, the revolutionary camera lens automatically adjusts itself to any lighting condition, making it so easy for you to capture every moment you love, in the way you love.

Santorini, Greece during a lavender-coloured sunset

HDR for low light

Stay your best, even in darkness

Whether it's a fun night out with the girls, or a special dinner with your loved ones, the Galaxy Note9 helps you immortalise every single moment as clear and vivid as you remember it.

Galaxy Note9 Lavender Purple taking a picture in a low light setting

Dual lens camera

Indulge in life's infinite possibilities

As much as we need to see the bigger picture, we must remember that there is beauty in the details as well. The Galaxy Note9 helps you to share your varied view of the world, through impressive wide-angle shots as well as stunning close ups.

Closeup image of Galaxy Note9 showing the dual lens rear camera

Live focus for low light

Shine the spotlight on what's important

Living in the moment sometimes means the rest of the world disappears. Live Focus helps you to express just that, as you blur the background into artistic shapes, so the the world knows what you’ve got your eye on.

Galaxy Note9 Lavender Purple in landscape mode seen from the left displaying an image of a girl with an adjustable background blur
Background blur

Front camera

Take selfies like no other

Making every moment count, means you always give your best. The Galaxy Note9's front camera can tell when you're taking a selfie or wefie, and ensures faces are always in focus, so you always look your best. Then stretch your imagination as you stretch the distance from your Galaxy Note9 while you snap away with the S Pen.1

Two women holding lavender-like flowers in a lavender field

AR Emoji

Have fun with your animated side

Express yourself in a whole new way as you create your unique avatar and dress it up the way you want. Send a quirky selfie or video as your AR Emoji and spice up your chat like never before.2

Creating My Emoji… Once that's done, you can customise its hair, clothes, and accessories.

Video of person creating AR Emoji with a selfie, then selecting skin tone, hair, accessories, outfit, and background to personalize it.

Photos from Galaxy Note9

See more moments captured by the Galaxy Note9 in the gallery.

Photos from Galaxy Note9
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