How to fix System Boot Issues on Samsung Windows 8 PC?

Last Update Date : Dec 18. 2018
1 Checking PC Power Supply Connection

- Verify that computer power cord is properly connected to your PC
- Press the Power button to check the power LED
2 Checking Monitor Connection

- If connected to external monitor, make sure each component has good connection
- Ensure monitor is turned on and set to the maximum brightness
- Press Fn + F3 key repeatedly to adjust the brightness for a laptop computer
3 Resetting BIOS Setup

- For Laptop: Remove all devices that are connected to the computer. For Desktop and all-in-one PC: Remove all devices from the computer except the keyboard and mouse
- Press and hold the Power button for at least 4 seconds to shut it down
- To access BIOS setup, turn the computer on again and immediately press F2 key 3-4 times repeatedly to access BIOS setup
- Press F9 key to initialize the BIOS settings then press Enter key
- Press F10 key on BIOS settings to save and exit BIOS setup
4 Recovering System Files

- Shut down the computer
- Turn the computer on again, run the Recovery program. If your system fails to access Recovery, it could be due to a hardware problem)
- Restore the boot files before restarting the system
5 Restoring Your System to Its Original State

- If an error message still appears, press and hold the power button for at least 4 seconds to shut it down
- Turn the computer on again, access the Recovery program to roll back to its original status

Please note: If the problem persists after going through steps 1 to 5, it could be due to hardware problem

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