[Windows 8] ATIV Book9_ want to know how to use the touch screen.

Last Update Date : Jan 10. 2018


Samsug ATIV Book9 Plus/Lite comes with a touchscreen, allowing users to

access apps with a simple touch on the screen without the need to use a touchpad

(The touchscreen is optional)







Swipe inward from

the right edge

 Displays the Charms menu which is hidden at

 the right of the screen.

Swipe inward from

the left edge

 Displays the last run App.

Swipe downward

from the top edge,

or swipe upward

form the

bottom edge

 Displays the options for the currently running App.

Swipe upward on

the Start screen

 A tile of all apps installed is displayed.

Swipe downward

from the top on

 the All Apps screen.

 The All Apps screen switches to the Start screen.

Swipe downward

from the top edge 

 Exit all the currentlly running apps.


Touching slightly


 Slightly press wiht your finger to select an item.

 (If you slightly touch a specific menu, option,

 application icon, etc. on the screen,

  the corresponding capability is activated.)


Touching twice


 Slightly press twice with your fringer to

 select an item.

Tap and swipe

 Moves the selected target or moves to the

 next page. You can draw a picture of write

 some letters with this operation.

Spreading 2 fingers widely of bringing

them towards

each other

 Zooms in or out of the target.

Touching and

holding for a while

(Right-clicking your mouse)

 Provides the same function as right-clicking

 your mouse button. Displays the additional 

 options which can be set for the selected

 target of more detailed information.

Touching and

dragging 2 fingers

 up/down, left/right


 Move up/down, left/right. Provides the same

 function as scrolling your mouse.

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