[Windows 8] How to restore the initial status of some models including XE500T1C

Last Update Date : Jan 09. 2018


Restoring Your System to Its Original State


    How to Restore Your System on Windows 8


1. Go to ‘CharmBar’ → ‘Settings’ → Change PC settings → ‘General’.




2. Select 'Get started' button on the 'Remove everything and

    reinstall Windows' menu.




3. Select 'Next' button on the 'Reset your PC' message.


4. Select the 'Just remove my files' menu.




5. Automatic system rebooting to start the recovery.


6. After the reboot, go through the user registration process.





    How to Restore Your System when Windows 8

      Booting is Unavailable


1. Press and hold the Volume Up button then press the power button.


2. Go to English → Troubleshoot → Reset your PC → Next → Windows.




3. Select the 'Just remove my files' menu then 'Reset'.




4. After the reboot, go through the user registration process.



Using 'SW Update' to Install and Update Your Software after System

Recovery to Its Original State.


1. Run 'SW Update'


2. How to Install All Your Software at once

    Select the 'Home' menu -> 'Install & Update One Click' menu ->

    View your lists then select 'OK' button.→ Select 'Update' from the

    'Update' list after the software installation.


3. How to Install Your Software Individually

    'All Software' menu → Choose the software you want to install

    then tap 'Install' button → When the installation has finished,

    tap 'OK' button.





How to Create the 'Samsung apps' Folder


1. Pinch fingers to make the picture smaller on the Windows Start screen.




2. Choose the software group and swipe it downward.


3. Choose the 'Name group'.




4. Enter a new name as 'Samsung apps'.




5. Choose the 'Name' button.




6. Tap an empty space on the screen.


7. Choose and move your desired apps to 'Samsung apps' folder.

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