How to troubleshoot water leakage on Samsung Refrigerator?

Last Update Date : Oct 18. 2018

If you are facing leakage on your Refrigerator and on the floor, it could be due to the presence of high moisture level around your Refrigerator or trapped air in the system. Here are the troubleshooting tips:

1 Whenever a water filter is changed and reset, run a few glasses of water through the water dispenser of your Refrigerator. This will flush out trapped air in the system which may cause dripping
Flush air out of the water dispenser
2 In a humid hot environment, moisture may build up on the Mullion flap on the inside of French Door. This moisture can drip from the unit when the door is opened. To correct this, turn off Energy Saving Mode on your unit and try using your home's AC to help with the humidity level in your kitchen
Moisture build up on the Mullion Flap
Moisture drips from the inside of the door
3 When dew/condensation is formed on the surface of the Refrigerator due to summer/rainy season, wipe it with a dry cloth
4 If water is leaking on the floor, check the water supply hose connection. Make sure the Refrigerator water supply line is connected properly.
Secure the Water Hose Connection

If the leakage is more severe and appears to be more complicated to handle, contact our Samsung Call Centre for further assistance.

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