Samsung POWERbot Robot Troubleshooting Guide

Last Update Date : Jul 12. 2018

Most people tends to replace their vacuum cleaner whenever it is malfunction. Sometimes the problem can be easily fix and save you from spending unnecessary.

Here are some of the common symptoms and troubleshooting guides for Samsung POWERbot Robot: 




The POWERbot is not working at all

• Check if the emergency switch is on
• Check if all the icons are displayed on the display panel

• Check if the POWERbot's battery is depleted
   > When "Lo" is displayed, place the POWERbot on the docking station to charge it
   > When the battery indicator blinks, manually place the POWERbot on the docking station to charge (Only SR10M701✴✴✴ series)
• Replace the batteries (AAA type) if the remote control is not working

The POWERbot has stopped
during cleaning

• When "Lo" is displayed on the display panel, place the POWERbot on the docking station to charge it

• When the battery indicator blinks, manually place the POWERbot on the docking station to charge. (Only SR10M701✴✴✴ series)

• When POWERbot is immobilized by an obstacle such as a cord, threshold etc, pick it up and move it away from the obstacle

   > If any fabric or string is caught in a drive wheel, turn off the emergency switch and remove the fabric or string before using it again

Suction power is weak

• If the "Filter inspection indicator" is on, turn off the emergency switch and clean the dustbin

• When there's too much dust in the dustbin, suction power may get weakened. Turn off the emergency switch and empty the dustbin

• If the intake (on bottom of POWERbot) is blocked by foreign matter, turn off the emergency switch and remove foreign matter from the intake

• When noise suddenly increase, turn off the emergency switch and empty the dustbin

The POWERbot cannot find

the docking station

• Check if there's a power failure or whether the power plug is unplugged

• Remove any obstacles around the docking station that may prevent POWERbot from returning to the docking station

• When there's foreign matter on the charge pins, charging can be affected. Clean the foreign matter off the pins

The POWERbot suddenly

cleans diagonally

• Check if the docking station is installed along the grain of wooden floors or tiles

• The POWERbot may clean in a diagonal direction if it is moving to another area using the shortest route. It may also move at a diagonal if it
made contact with an obstacles at that angle, if it was charged at the docking station at an angle, or if the grain of the wooden/tile floor skewed
is in that direction

Point cleaning is not working

• If you point the red light directly at POWERbot, it may not move in desired direction

   > Point the red light on the floor within 0.5 m of POWERbot.

Please note: Do not use point cleaning in direct sunlight, under bright light, or on dark floors.

The Samsung Smart Robot

Vacuum App fails to get started

• Check if the POWERbot is connected to the wireless router

POWERbot is not connected

to Wi-Fi

• Check the setting status of the wireless router

Smart clean function works

on a normal floor

• Check whether the floor is not even and then the POWERbot works with its body a bit lifted up

• Check whether there are any foreign matters on the cliff sensor which is at the bottom of the POWERbot

• Check whether the floor color is dark

Smart clean function does not


• When the POWERbot cleans a carpet with short fibre and bright color, it may recognize the carpet as a floor and then the
smart clean function may not work

Edge clean master function

does not work

• When POWERbot cannot recognize the wall, the Edge clean master may not work

    > When an obstacle made of reflective material is in front of the wall

    > When the wall itself is made of reflective material

    > When the wall is a dark color

Edge clean master function

works though there is no wall

or corner

• Check whether small obstacles are arranged in a narrow space

• When the POWERbot recognizes the front obstacle as a wall, Edge clean master function may work

The Edge clean master function
works though the POWERbot
has not approached a wall or

• When the degree of the angle of a corner which the POWERbot detects is large, the Edge clean master function may work without
approaching the wall or corner

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