Type of detergents to put in each section of the drawer? (Auto Dispense Detergent Models only)

Last Update Date : Apr 25. 2018
What kind of detergent should go into each section? (Only auto dispense detergent models)

Samsung Washing Machine has different compartments for different detergents and washing aids. Adding the correct type of detergent to the correct compartment is crucial when operating the machine.

Models with an auto-dispense unit helps to dispense an appropriate amount of detergent and fabric softener into the drum based on the course and cycle and the amount of loads.

Note: This article is applicable for auto dispense detergent models only

• When using the auto dispense function, put liquid detergent and softner in the right side of the detergent drawer. Make sure to pour the detergent and softner only up to the MAX line. Otherwise, they might overflow and mixed with one another


• When pouring the manually detergent (or power detergent), only put the amount of the detergent needed for one load of wash into the left detergent drawer


• After pouring the detergent in, close the drawer tightly so that there is no gap or opening 

What kind of detergent should go into each section? (Only auto dispense detergent models)

• Do not open the detergent drawer in the middle of the washing cycle because water might splash into the detergent drawer


• After pushing the [Start/Pause] button, check that the light of the Auto dispense button is on

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