What to do when dew is condensed inside Samsung fridge?

Last Update date : Jul 15. 2022

When warm air cools inside the Refrigerator, condensation will occurs. If there is too many moisture present, it will build up on the interior of the Refrigerator. Click on the video below for the troubleshooting guides:


Some things to take note :


1 at times, dews are formed due to either doors are not totally in a closed-manner or

there is a deformity on its rubber-gasket


2 If its due to the suspected rubber-gasket being faulty, enduser may try
to use his/her fingers to run around the perimeter of the door to feel for any cool-air being
leaked out


3 if there is a particular area where its leaking cool-air, do check for
any torn-mark on it else reinsert it into the groove and try again to check for any leak

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