How to sync data stored in Samsung Cloud to Gallery App in Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+?

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

Gallery sync opton is turned off by default in Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+. If this option is off, uploaded gallery items stored in Samsung Cloud are not displayed on gallery app right after restoration.

Please note: Due to big data size, Wi-Fi connection is required to turn on Gallery sync

There are 3 ways to enable the Gallery Sync option:

Method 1

On the Apps screen, tap Gallery and tap TURN ON button on the gallery’s tip card

Method 2

On the Apps screen, tap Gallery > more icon > Settings > Samsung Cloud switch to activate it

Tap Gallery app
Tap More option
Tap Settings
Enable Samsung Cloud
Method 3

On the Apps screen, tap Settings > Cloud and accounts > Samsung Cloud > TURN ON icon on the Gallery card

Tap Cloud and accounts
Tap Samsung Cloud
Turn on Gallery sync

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