Log-in error - Can't sign in.

Last Update Date : Jan 10. 2018


If you cannot log in, follow the instructions below:

    1.  Check the version of your Internet Explorer.

      Samsung AnyPath is most suitable for Internet Explorer 6.0. Thus, you need to set the internet options. You can check your Internet Explorer version selecting (on the web browser): Help > Menu for Internet Explorer information. The optimum setup is the following:

        Version: 6.0 or higher

        Signal: 128bit or higher

        Update version: SP1 or higher

    2.  Change your PC setup.

      In case your pc is 6.0 or higher or you finished updating your pc version, if you cannot log in, please change your pc setup or internet option.


        The error when the date or time of a user’s PC is not correct: Correct the date and time based on the current time choosing

          Start > Control > Registered date/time

    3.  If you check discussion, the error may occur.

      This direction is for when you enter login page after you tried to log in. Remove the check for the discussion icon (red) by click. Now you can log in without any problem.

    4.  I got an error message when I use the automatic password.

      This error is caused by your old password that has been already stored. Change the options (on the web browser): Tool > Internet Options > Contents > Automatic Password > Erase Form > Erase Password > Confirm.

    5.  Log in error occurs because of Internet Explorer settings.

      1)  Change User Cookie Information (Steps: Tool > Internet Option > General). Operate Delete Cookie or Delete Files on the Temporary Internet Files. You can also click ‘Settings’ and check the item ‘whenever you open the page’ for verifying the version of stored page.

      2)  Change the firewall (Steps: Tools > Internet Option > Firewall). Set the degree of firewall as normal.

      3)  Change the settings for personal information (Steps: Tool > Internet Option > Personal Information > High). Open the setting page for personal information:

         Check ‘Trace automatic cookie management.’

         Apply on ‘The first cookie.’

         Apply on ‘The third cookie.’

         Check ‘Permit cookie on all sessions.’

      4)  Change the connect setting (Steps: Tool > Internet Option > Connect > Setting Lan > remove the check ‘Proxy Server’).

      5)  Change the Higher setting (Steps: Tool > Internet Option > High)

         Check SSL 2.0

         Check SSL 3.0

         Check TLS 1.0

         Send URL by UTF-8 (Remove)


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