What to do when more options / controller is not working while activating Music App on Samsung Galaxy Wearable Devices?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

Samsung is aware that some limited Samsung Wearable Device users may experience issue when using the Music App on their affected devices.

• More option menu is disappearing

More options is disappearing

• Controller does not respond properly

Controller does not responding properly

This issue has already been resolved with a Galaxy Wearable App’s update which will be available soon.

Samsung encourages users to keep your software and Apps updated to latest version. Before upcoming maintenance release, follow these steps:

Please note: Do not turn on Wearable Device until Mobile Device is restarted completely

1 Turn off your Wearable Device and connected Mobile Device
2 Turn on Mobile Device again
3 Unlock the Mobile Device screen if device screen is locked
4 If Mobile Device is restarted completely , now turn on Wearable Device
5 Connect Wearable Device and Mobile again via Bluetooth

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