Troubleshooting guide for Samsung Soundbar System

Last Update Date : Sep 02. 2019

If you run into issues with your Samsung Soundbar/Subwoofer/Surround Speakers, follow these troubleshooting guide before request servicing.

The unit will not turn onClick to Expand

1. Unplug the soundbar from the wall outlet and check where the two parts of the power cord connect.


Your power cord actually comes in two parts and it is this connection between them that is most likely to be forgotten about. Disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet first, and then check where the two parts connect. Be sure to connect them firmly; they should not easily disconnect.


2. Test the wall outlet.


Make sure the wall outlet is working by plugging another device in, like a lamp.


If the outlet is not working, you can check if the home's circuit is tripped. Otherwise, contact an electrician for further assistance.


3. Check the power cord connection on the back of the soundbar.


Make sure the power cord is firmly connected to the soundbar. There should not be any gaps and it should not disconnect easily.


4. Plug the soundbar into the wall outlet, and turn it on.


If the soundbar still won't turn on, visit our Support Center to request service.

A function does not work when the button is pressedClick to Expand

If there is static electricity in the air, disconnect the power plug and connect it again.

Sound is not producedClick to Expand

• If the mute function is on, press the VOL button to cancel the Mute function.

• Adjust the volume if it is set to minimum.

The remote control does not workClick to Expand

• If the batteries in the remote control are drained, replace with a new one.


• If the distance between the remote control and main unit are too far, move closer to the unit and try again.

The red LED on the subwoofer blinks and the subwoofer is not producing soundClick to Expand

Your subwoofer may not be connected to the main unit of the product. Try connecting both devices again.

The subwoofer drones and vibrates noticeablyClick to Expand

Try to adjust the vibration of your subwoofer by pushing the WOOFER button on your remote control. up or down to adjust its value (between -12, -6 ~ +6).

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