What are the Error messages that appears on the screen of Samsung TV?

Last Update Date : Jun 12. 2018

There are few standard Error messages that do appears on the Samsung TV screen. To find out how to correct the conditions that cause your TV to display each of these error messages, follow the steps below:

Standard Error Messages

1 Mode Not Supported

• This error message appears if you have set the source on your TV to a device (such as a set top box or DVD player) with resolution settings which the TV cannot accept

• Try setting to a fixed resolution output

• If the HDMI cable that you are using is too long, test with a 6ft or shorter cable

• Check if the BD Wise feature is taking too long to communicate. Disable the BD Wise Feature and check again

Mode Not Supported
2 No Signal or Weak Signal

• The No Signal or Weak Signal error message indicates the TV is detecting a connection, but it is not receiving a signal from that connection

• Try powering off and on the external device

• Check if the cable is properly seated in the TV and external source

• Replace cables, if faulty

No Signal
3 Check Signal Cable

• The Check Signal Cable error message indicates that the TV does not detect a device connected to it

• You may see this message when connecting any device, an antenna, or a direct cable line

Check Signal Cable
4 Not Available

• The Not Available message will appear on the TV when a function is trying to be performed that is not available at that specific time due to setting or source.

• Trying to change the volume when the TV's speakers are disabled

• Trying to change the channel when you are not on the TV source

• Trying to use CC, CH LIST, GUIDE, FAV CH, etc. when you are not on the TV source

Not Available

Smart Hub Error Messages

If your TV has the Smart Hub feature, you may experience error messages from time to time. Although there are many more Smart Hub errors that can occur, the most common are listed below. Most errors will resolve themselves in 48-72 hours without changing anything.

1 Network Interference
2 Error Model Bind

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