The Serif,
brand new TV for 2019

Still searching for the perfect complement to your space? The Serif doesn’t just fit in.
It’s the finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

White The Serif on a display block faces a White The Serif on a stand, separated by The Serif’s iconic I. White The Serif displays a detailed image of a statue on-screen as the White The Serif sits on a stand with a woman running on-screen in bold colour.
The Serif with Magic Screen looks like a furniture design. A man places a remote control on The Serif. A chair, stool, table, and a woman sitting in a chair stacked on top of one another to represent the iconic I-shaped design. It shows unique inspiration for your space.
The Serif screen seamlessly blends into different spaces. The Serif in Magic Screen shows a forest, vibrant colour and patterns, rain, and fabric Magic Screen on-screen, giving you unique TV design inspiration for your space.
A train goes around the tracks through a mountain landscape. The landscape looks like real, but it is a scene provided by Magic Screen of The Serif. The Serif with QLED Magic Screen surrounded by toy trains, and it blends well with the space. It shows unique inspiration for your space.
The Serif gives you the best of both worlds, matching stylish tv design with all the outstanding TV technologies consumers have come to expect from Samsung QLED. Incredible picture quality meets sophisticated style. Is your living room ready for something different?
Graphic shapes inspired by your living space come together with a TV to transform into The Serif.

The Serif TV

Highlighting close-ups of The Serif from different angles and how The Serif complements different spaces. It ends by zooming in on the The Serif logo.

Perfect Harmony

A man is at the kitchen table as a White The Serif shows fabric Magic Screen in the colour salmon.
White The Serif sitting on a stand in a living room with a sandy beach and clear ocean on-screen. Below is a close-up of the back of The Serif fabric texture and a close-up of the screen in fabric Magic Screen in the colour navy, highlighting the I-shaped design.
White The Serif seen from the front on a white block display stand with vivid teal grass and a bright pink sky on-screen.
White The Serif sits on a stand beneath the stairs where a woman plays with her phone. The Serif shows leaf Magic Screen on-screen.
White The Serif with fabric Magic Screen in the colour navy on-screen sits on a stand in an office. Next to it a woman writes something on a board as another woman walks by.

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The Serif 55"

55-inch White The Serif seen from the front at an angle with salmon colour on-screen.
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