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Program Solve for Tomorrow

Snažíme sa vychovávať budúcich lídrov tak, že pomáhame študentom rozvíjať ich schopnosti kreatívne riešiť problémy pomocou vedy, technológie, inžinierstva a matematiky (STEM), Chápeme to ako spôsob kolektívneho zamerania na dôležité sociálne otázky miestnych komunít.

I love building and designing things in engineering and using technology I want to learn coding and there are just so many things I haven't really singled out what I want to do yet since there are so many options Um..well with my friends mostly it's kind of starts in school since we all have a lot of homework with AP classes extracurriculars clubs and sports it's kind of tough to find time to you know just go hang out and go to the movies Before, If there are special ID students and, that means that you are in a whole different world. You don't like if you see them in the hall it is kind of awkward you don't really know how to interact with them hunter and Kenny had really big challenges and still do in their day-to-day lives it's so hard for them because they can't they have nowhere to carry their lunch and it's hard for them to reach it and the whole point of the program is to help make them more independent so that they can live on their own so why not make a portable turntable seems like such a simple idea we are like okay we are doing to make it we've got it designed in this 3D auto graphic programs we are going to do it and so and we kind of go over the wood lab the wood chopped the construction lab like we were having a hard time because some of us are not really good artists but we could see it clearly in our minds over like it kind of looks like this and then we were trying to explain it to other people and they all had different perceptions of what we were trying to explain then it was also really hard once a kind of jumped over that hurdle then we had the how am I going to build this kind of hurdle and that's really hard to if you don't know how to weld and you need to make an articulating tray table that is made out of stainless steel you are going to run into some problems so that was also kind of hard Q. what was your favourite part of when we were building for you and Kenny? A. you Q. like the tray table would that make every day easier? A. yeah He brought his lunch on it one day and it was the coolest thing how a little thing that we had made his day so much better that much easier and we ended up winning the Samsung solve for tomorrow challenge with our ideas. They were so proud they were like oh yeah good job guys it’s our team we never had any doubt in you and so they were excited it was just awesome And we walked down the hall and we would see hunter and kenny and it would just be like obnoxious like hunter Kenny and high-fiving and fist bumping and just it was great and they were just feeling the entire time they were so happy that they could say they had 90 ne friends you know just pull out whenever they need it. It was great that I think that was kind of one of the biggest things it was an eye-opener for us as students that and just as people we could be better and we could make better things you know to do just more

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Sľubné nápady z oblastí STEM vo viacerých kolách súťaže oceňujeme výhrami zo sveta technológií. Program Solve for Tomorrow sa stal žiarivým príkladom ako podporiť podnikateľského ducha študentov a zároveň ukázať, ako technológie pomáhajú miestnym komunitám a životnému prostrediu.

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