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Experience a whole new way to pay when
you shop and dine. It's a new mobile payment service that keeps
all your cards in one phone. From stocking up groceries to bagging
that trendy top, you can now pay with your preferred card of choice in just one swipe.

Simple to use

It takes just 3 simple steps to use Samsung Pay

  • to launch
    Samsung Pay
  • with your
  • your phone on
    the terminal to

Works almost anywhere*

Samsung Pay is a new mobile payment service that
is accepted by almost any retailer in Thailand.
Whether you’re at the supermarket, café or
department store, all you need is to just swipe,
authenticate and tap.

Safe and secure

With 3 layers of built-in security features such as tokenization
fingerprint authentication and Samsung KNOX,
your payment information stays protected.

Learn more

Samsung Pay will be available on:

Eligible credit cards issued by bank partners

  • Available from
    1st Dec 2016
  • Available from
    20st Dec 2016
  • Please check the eligibility of credit cards with bank issuers or call 02 689 3232