Introducing the new Galaxy Buds

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds

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AKG pure studio sound

AKG has devoted decades to delivering a Grammy award-winning sound experience that ignites creative expression. Discover smooth, multidimensional tones and exceptional detail that's deep in base and rich in mid-range, allowing every layer of sound to be felt.

AKG N700NC wireless headphones in a studio

AKG N700NC Wireless Headphones

Blending best in class adaptive Active Noise Cancelling with premium design accents.

One pair of AKG N700 wireless headphones in black

AKG Y500 Wireless Headphones

Showcase your style whilst enjoying a rich, uncompromised sound when Bluetooth streaming.

One pair of AKG Y500 wireless headphones in blue

AKG N200NC Wireless Earphones

Active Noise Cancellation and an elegant design, creating a perfect blend of sound and style for on-the-go.

One pair of AKG Y500 wireless headphones in blue

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