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Goodbye Cold Drafts, Hello Samsung Wind-Free™

Wind-Free™ technology spreads fresh air uniformly without the unpleasant blast of cold wind.

Samsung Air Conditioner Climate Air Care Wind Free
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Perfect Coverage in Every Corner

With its patented booster fan technology and circular cutting-edge design, the 360 bladeless Cassette creates even comfort cooling throughout the entire room.

Samsung Air Conditioner Climate Air Care 360 bladless cassette
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Save Time & Energy with the 8-pole Inverter

Our climate systems are the first in the world to use an 8-pole motor. This core element of Samsung's advanced Digital Inverter Technology increases efficiency, cooling you quickly without wasting energy.

Samsung Air Conditioner Climate Air Care 8-pole Inverter
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High Efficiency & Advanced Performance

Flash Injection technology in our Dual Scroll Inverter Compressor combines liquid and gas to ensure high performance in case of partial loads and low temperatures.

Samsung Air Conditioner Climate Air Care Dual Scroll Inverter Compressor
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