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Even & Efficient Climate Control

Samsung’s Cassette climate systems provide remarkable coverage, using advanced technology to be exceptionally quiet and energy efficient.

Optimal Airflow for High Ceilings

The 4-way Cassette provides exceptionally even coverage in rooms with high ceilings. The Fan Speed Adjustment function can be used in spaces that are up to 3.5 m high, and the High Ceiling mode accommodates heights of up to 4.6 m.

Samsung Air Conditioner Climate Air Care w-way Cassette

Stylish & Powerful

The 4-way Cassette S (600 x 600) is a dependable and practical climate solution that performs efficiently and comes in a variety of stylish patterns to complement any interior.

Samsung Air Conditioner Climate Air Care The 4-way Cassette S

Elegance & Comfort

The 1-way Cassette suits both practical and aesthetic needs with its simple design and efficient cooling operation. Its superior blade technology delivers high performance and easy management without compromise.

Samsung Air Conditioner Climate Air Care 1-way Cassette

Discover the Cassette Range

Samsung Air Conditioner Climate Cassette Range

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