Samsung Calls for United Front in Building 5G Ecosystem with the First Silicon Valley 5G Summit

Open discussion with industry leaders to create new business opportunities for 5G Fixed Wireless Access and mobile service

Nov 08. 2017

Samsung Electronics has hosted the first Silicon Valley 5G Summit, held at Samsung Research America in San Jose, US. The summit, expected to become an annual event, brought together global telecommunications industry leaders from across the value chain to lay the foundation for an open end-to-end ecosystem for fifth generation (5G) networks.

More than 100 industry leaders gathered to discuss the opportunities and challenges involved in the commercialisation of 5G technologies. The participants consisted of chip makers and other component manufacturers, telecom operators, universities, industry analysts, system vendors, investors, policy makers and measurement equipment vendors, representing a wide cross-section of interests and expertise.

The summit addressed the current status, challenges and requirements for creating business opportunities for 5G technologies. Government officials discussed the role of policy makers to enable 5G services through allocation of spectrum, while attendees examined the market outlook for new 5G service opportunities – including Fixed Wireless Access and the future of mobile connectivity services. Industry experts, including academics and eco-partners, held discussions on key technologies for creating an aligned 5G evolution path, helping to shape the end-to-end ecosystem through testing, verifying and optimizing radio frequency (RF) performance of 5G candidate frequencies above and below 6 GHz.

“The United States was the first country to make broader ultra-high frequency millimeter wave spectrum bands available for next generation mobile wireless services. This was made possible through the swift action on wireless policy taken by the Federal Communications Commission,” said Julius Knapp, Chief of the Federal Communications Commission Office of Engineering and Technology, who delivered the Summit’s keynote speech. “Today’s summit will also accelerate 5G deployment and contribute to future wireless innovations for 5G and beyond.”

The summit consisted of session programs and an exhibition that featured a diverse range of ecosystem partners showcasing products and services. This summit program was designed to show the beginnings of strong and viable ecosystem that could support rapid 5G commercialisation.

"We believe it is time to come together and shape the new era of 5G and, to that goal, it is critical to build a sustainable ecosystem by inviting all industry stakeholders to share their perspectives on how 5G will develop over the next few years," said Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, Executive Vice President, Head of the Next Generation Communications Business Team at Samsung Electronics. "The collective intelligence we have seen today is the result of interaction between various industry segments, and I am confident that this will act as a catalyst in transforming 5G from vision to reality."

"5G technologies will help bring about many new and enhanced services. Looking at the current pace of the market, 5G Fixed Wireless Access commercial services could be available in a few years´ time," said Daryl Schoolar, Principal Analyst at Ovum. "For 5G Fixed Wireless Access to be successful, it will need a robust ecosystem in order to drive innovation, keep prices down, and ensure a strong multivendor environment. Today´s summit was an important first to kick-start discussions dedicated to 5G Fixed Wireless Access and other 5G opportunities."

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