A guide to shooting like Bailey

By Alex on 28th Sep, 2012

A guide to shooting like Bailey

We know great photography when we see it. Now discover some of the tricks that have helped our David Baileys capture some amazing shots.

There is no formula to taking great photography, but there are a few tips that our David Baileys truly believe helped them in their pursuit for professional photos.

Some may work for you, some may not. The most important thing to remember is that the following tips are meant only as a guide, not as a set of rules.

David Bailey

1. Trust your instincts

Your photographs are about you. So follow your instincts. Shoot what you find interesting and curious. There is no right or wrong. So feel free to play and experiment. Find your own way and you can’t go wrong.

Misty Sunrise by David Bailey, Project Engineer

2. Your camera is your friend

Photo opportunities come when you least expect them. Very often a great shot is about being able to respond quickly. So keep your camera with you. If you don’t have your camera by your side you won’t get the shot.

With features like Smart Auto 2.0, which automatically selects the best setting for you, it feels as though every moment is an opportunity.

Camera is your friend

4. Be patient

In photography, it’s true that good things come to those who wait. Whether you’re waiting for the sun to rise or reappear from behind a cloud, your child to run past on their sports day or a geyser to blow, five minutes can make the difference between an okay picture and an amazing one.

Be patient

5. Never say cheese

If you are taking a portrait or group shot, shoot before and after the subjects think you have taken the shot. You’ll often get a more natural image when they think you’re fiddling with your settings.

Never say cheese

7. Shoot movement

Movement can bring your pictures to life. So play with speed. You might want to try panning your camera in time with a moving subject. The subject ends up relatively sharp and the background blurred. This gives focus to your subject and also a feeling of movement.

shoot movement
Skateboarders in Times Square by David Bailey, Primary School Teacher

8. And lastly, but most importantly... Have fun

With features like built-in Wi-Fi for sharing with friends and family, this shouldn’t be too hard.

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