Samsung Home Appliances presents… 'The Domestics'

By Digby Lewis on 24th Aug, 2017

Samsung Home Appliances presents… The Domestics

When TV and standup comedy sensation Katherine Ryan is asked to host her own lifestyle show, she invites her friend Joel Dommett (‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ Runner Up 2016) along to help out.

But when the cameras stop rolling, the oven gloves come off as they discover there’s more than one way to tackle the domestic chores – and both are adamant that their way, is the right way.

Going Out

‘The Good Life With Katherine Ryan’ has just wrapped its first season shoot and our handsome couple are all dressed up for the party. Joel, sensible lad that he is, wants to take home some of the lasagne that they prepared earlier which leads him to a horrible discovery in the kitchen cupboards.

Meanwhile, Katherine’s rather bizarre approach to household security starts to become a bit of a distraction. Expect the sublimely silly because, as series finales go, it doesn’t get better than this.

Bring It Home

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The Domlette

It’s lunchtime on the set of ‘The Good Life With Katherine Ryan’ and the only thing keeping its cool is the Family Hub™.

Katherine swings open her new fridge’s double doors only to discover that Joel has decided to shake things up a bit. Not only have the eggs gone missing, she’s now the proud owner of a protein shelf, and she’s not a happy bunny. Meanwhile Joel discovers that making an omlette for Katherine can be whisk-y-business.

A Piece of Cake

Joel has a hot date. But like a penguin wading through quicksand, he’s in a bit of a flap: his lucky t-shirt is covered in cake mixture and there’s already a load in the washing machine.

Fortunately, Katherine knows that her brand new AddWash™ washing machine can add items even during the cycle. So being such a great mate, she offers to wash and dry it for him. Except things don’t go exactly according to plan (just don’t tell Joel!).

Joel’s Bol

After a long day’s filming, Joel decides he’s going to treat Katherine to his signature dish - spag bol. Unfortunately, when it comes to following recipes, Joel likes to go off piste. Rules are there for breaking, right? Not on Katherine’s watch. She likes to stick to the basics – the actual cooking part.

But who will win the battle of the culinary combos? Even the tomatoes are getting stressed, which of course is bad news for Joel and the bol.

Willy Nilly

‘How to correctly load a dishwasher’ rightly sits alongside ‘Did Tony Soprano die?’ and ‘Is there a God?’ at the summit of Google’s search queries. But it’s no surprise to learn that Joel and Katherine have a fundamentally different approach to this finely tuned appliance. For Joel, it’s a strategic challenge that deserves focus and discipline, while Katherine prefers to let nature take its course.

All of which gets us on to the dubious story of a supposedly carefree Scottish man who may, or may not, have lent his name to the phrase, willy nilly. Watch all the thrills and spills now.

How Tea Is Made

If there's a true test of any relationship, our series opener of 'The Domestics' tackles the important matters first: do you put the milk, or the bag, in first when making a cup of tea?

During a break in filming on Katherine's new lifestyle show, 'The Good Life With Katherine Ryan', our domestic duo have their first barney over a very British brew, but you’ll have to watch to find out who's on which side. And see what cows, rainforests and methane have to do with it all, because there's also an environmental disaster brewing and that’s just the colour of Joel's tea!

Will the pun-tastic pals settle their differences and agree to get oolang?
Find out by watching the video here and come back next week for Episode 2.

The Oven Gloves Come Off

Feast your eyes on this sneak peek at a brand-new, six-part comedy series, starring Katherine Ryan as a wannabe domestic goddess and Joel Dommett as her hapless kitchen sidekick.

When Katherine’s not trying to run Joel over with a robot vacuum cleaner, her habit of stuffing cupboards with Tupperware and carefree dishwasher loading sends Joel into a frenzy of activity. From rearranging her fridge to passionately demonstrating his unique approach to cooking, it’s all punctuated with a flurry of pantomime puns.