Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear: The Perfect Match

By Alex on 24th Sep, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear: The Perfect Match

Two new devices are changing the way we stay connected. The Galaxy Note 3 and its enhanced S Pen make everyday tasks quick and easy, while the Galaxy Gear communicates seamlessly with Note 3 so you never miss calls, texts, emails and alerts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear logo


Together, the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear go hand in hand to make staying in touch effortless, as well as making it easy to capture and enjoy all the memorable moments that happen unexpectedly.

Read on to find out more about these groundbreaking devices and how they work together.

Design your life with Galaxy Note 3

The new Galaxy Note 3 has been developed as the ideal tool to help you stay on top of your busy life, as well as being a great entertainer thanks to its wide 5.7” Full HD screen.

The next evolution of Note goes beyond its predecessors to bring you a range of new functionality that streamlines all kinds of tasks. One click of the S Pen’s button brings up the Air Command menu, which offers easy shortcuts to essential functions.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Note 3 - Air Command - Action Memo

Making everyday tasks smoother

Creating notes and memos is now so much simpler with Galaxy Note 3. Using the enhanced S Note with Action Memo is smarter. Just write down a phone number with the S Pen and the Action Memo will understand your handwriting and let you call the number instantly. Fast, simple and intuitive.

Note 3 - dot - circle - square

Watch out for Galaxy Gear

This elegant wearable device gives a new meaning to the phrase “dressing smart”. The Galaxy Gear connects wirelessly with your Note 3 and makes sure you have everything you need right there on your wrist and within reach. You can keep your Note 3 in your pocket or bag, and Gear will tell you when you receive a call or message. When you get a important notification on your Gear, Smart Relay brings up the full message when you open your phone. You'll have seamless communication from your Gear to your phone.

Galaxy Gear range

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