Three Types of Music that Elevate Wellbeing

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Music has a strange power. When we listen to a piece that resonates with us, it can lift our mood, combat depression, improve blood flow, lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol and even ease pain. So it’s no surprise we’re seeing music take a starring role in the wellness landscape.

As more of us prioritise health and happiness, particular types of music are becoming more popular due to their purported sound therapy benefits. With that in mind, here are three types of music that can have a positive effect on wellbeing.

Classical music’s mental health benefits

From Beethoven’s stirring string quartets to Debussy’s dazzling piano harmonies, classical music is renowned as the most emotionally rousing genre. Rich compositions including ‘Moonlight Sonata’ and ‘Claire de Lune’ are packed with dynamic contrasts and complexity, exemplifying the power that classical music wields. London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra revealed that listening to orchestral music could help boost mood during times of worry or anxiety. They also found that more young people are tuning into classical music than ever before to help induce feelings of relaxation and calm. If you enjoy listening to classical music for wellness, consider investing in a soundbar with a sub-woofer to extend the harmonics and help produce perfectly balanced, room-filling sound from your television.

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Escape the world with 8K audio

When your mind is racing, sometimes the best solution is escapism. That might be a visually stunning film, or seeking solace in another world in a video game. Music too offers its own innovative answer – 8D audio. 8D music creators use software to manipulate the stereophonics of existing songs, applying reverb to the track to add spacial reflections and complex echoes. Already hundreds of songs have been edited to have this special effect – and the result is totally immersive, making you feel as if the audio is pumping around your head to mimic the experience of listening live. The best way to experience 8D audio is through headphones on your smartphone or tablet.

Binaural beats to boost brainpower

If you stream music online, you may well have stumbled across binaural beats already (the term ‘binaural’ relates to both ears). This technique combines two slightly different sound frequencies to create the perception of a single new tone in your inferior colliculus, the part of your brain that gathers auditory input. The combined effect seems to pulsate deeply inside your head. Binaural beats cocoon within relaxing melodies, making them useful for aiding concentration. Research suggests the otherworldly sound can help improve memory and strengthen connections among networks within the brain. How seriously you want to take these claims is up to you, but fans of binaural beats promote them passionately as a tool for both meditation and productivity.

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