Tips & Trikx: Passionate about penmanship

Pensive about putting pen to paper? Look no further, Samsung KX share five Tips & Tri'kx’ to help future writers get started.

1) Reading

From romantic novels to electrifying thrillers, reading is a great for enhancing personal writing skills, build vocabulary and a perfect way to unwind from the day’s events. In fact, reading has been proven to reduce stress levels by 68%*, which is more effective than listening to music or taking a walk. Head over to our recent ‘Guest writer of the week’ article, ‘Shared experiences boost happiness’ for tips on starting a book club and turning a solitary activity into a fun evening with friends.

2) Writing workouts

Aspiring writers should spend up to 10 minutes a day expressing a flow of current thoughts onto paper – this narrative style is known as a ‘stream-of-consciousness’ and helps transfer feelings to words, which can often be one of the big challenges when it comes to authoring. This can be done using a spare notepad, or tools such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 thanks to its handy S Pen, perfect for those who prefer to go digital.

A flat lay image of a white desk from above is pictured. Near the bottom left hand corner, a black Samsung smartphone is pictured lying screen up with a lockscreen wallpaper of colourful swirls over a black background. Next to the Samsung mobile phone is a black Samsung S Pen leaning against the smartphone. At the top of the image a white wireless keyboard is pictured with only the right half of the keyboard in shot. Next to the keyboard in the top right hand corner, is a grey pad with a black fountian pen on it. In the bottom right hand corner, there is a small pad of white, blank paper with a pencil resting on top.

3) Setting switch up

When in the moment, writers should try to avoid sitting in the same spot for long periods of time. New settings spark new ideas; from taking a seat in the local park to simply moving to a room with a new window view, fresh scenery is sure to get those creative juices flowing.

 A young woman wearing matching denim trousers and a denim jacket over a purple, black and blue toned speckled top is pictured. She is sitting on a ledge looking down at the book in her hands with a purple pen in her right hand. Behind her a blurred tree and outdoor space is visible.

4) Poetry

Poetry is a great way to stimulate the brain, and there’s plenty of styles to match each mood. Epigrams are funny and witty, lyrics are emotional and personal, limericks rhyme and Haikus bend syllables for effect – pick a genre and begin playing with words.

5) Video tutorials

From guidance across the different genres, to conquering writer’s block – there’s dozens of free, expert tutorials online to improve literacy skills. Writing enthusiasts should try to devote an hour each week to an online course and watch the confidence inside build.

*The Monday Campaigns, Reading Fiction for Stress Relief, March 2020

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